End of Summer

The official end of summer was today for us.  We visited the beach one last time before school starts on Monday.  There were several PTA moms (and dads) there with their kids so it was a lot of fun. It was bitter-sweet because it has […]

Two minutes of Fame…QVC

I have not idea where to start to catch-up after our vacation so I will start with yesterday and work my way backwards………Yesterday was craft & hobby day on QVC and boy was I happy when I saw Diecuts With a View was on for […]

Vacation living..

We are in Michigan and love seeing everyone!  We got in on Friday with no problems.  Surprisingly with all the airport issues we had no troubles and the kids were good too.  That always makes it nice.  We arrived on Friday to meet my new […]

Counting down the days

I cannot wait to see my family in Michigan.  We are counting the days.  The kids are excited too.  We have a few last plans with friends including the beach on Wednesday.  I thought I would share the mini video of photos from the party […]

Beginner’s Luck

Where do I begin to catch up…..it was a nice weekend, busy as always.  My friend Melissa came down for a visit on Saturday.  As usual she came with bags of clothes for Micky.  I now call her my personal shopper.  She has saved me […]

Roller Coaster Day

Yesterday we took the kids to Magic Mountain.  There was Tyler and our friend’s two kids.  We started out at 7 am and was on the road for three hours.  Once there we immediately headed to the roller coasters.  I was proud of Tyler’s ability […]


Time to bring out the buggle and toot the ole’ horn a bit.  My layouts were featured in Scrapbooking.com’s newsletter: http://scrapbooking.com/cgi-bin/Phase_2/article.pl?serial=38461 Also found that two of my Marvy ads with my work were in Scrapbooks, Etc. this month and last month.  That is so cool  […]