Dr. Phil Monday!

I would not make this recommendation usually but make sure to catch the Dr. Phil Show tomorrow…Weddings Gone Bad.  That is the show that my mom, my friend Susan, and I went and saw taped a couple of months ago.  We are curious to see […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Two baseball games.  Thankfully I wore a tank top so my tan is off to a great start!  I was at the fields from 11 am to 4 pm.  Micky is such a trooper to tag along with us.  Thankfully there is a playground for  […]

Kids say the Darnest Things

There are times I wish I owned a tape recorder and a muzzle.  Let’s talk about the tape recorder.  When you have two kids of the same age they talk a lot to one another and their "facts" are so tweaked and funny.  I wish […]

Working outside of the Box or off the Page

Recently I decided to take on more projects that are "off the page" or out of the box.  Heck, I may even work on a box next.  I got these great Dream Keeper kits that OESD sent me to work with. They are these great […]

Design Team Toot!

Pulling out the old horn here for a sec…….I got an email from a current Design Team.   As many of you know I have worked with Die Cuts With A View for years and recently they put out a notice to hire a whole new […]

Sports Saturday

Just another day at the ballpark and the basketball courts.  First off, big congrats to the Shooters.  Tyler’s basketball team won their final game to end their season 9-1 and League Champs!  Great job.  From there we went to Joey’s game.  There is a whole […]

Animated me

oh Friday how I love thee. I started out my day with a great workout.  This capped off a great week of working out and eating well.  Unfortunately, by the time I picked up Tyler I felt a headache coming on and laid down.  I […]

Big Day Around Here

Today was another busy one but fun.  Strange as it may sound but I had a cool experience taking something to Tyler’s school that he forgot.  I saw him out at recess and the kids were jumping rope.  He was one of the kids twirling […]