Eyebrows, Buffets, and Cowboy Boots

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking three kids with me to get my hair done.  Yes, due to unforeseen circumstances they had to go with me.  Now there are a few places I do not want to take the kids:  grocery shopping, toys stores […]

Creative Catch-Up and One More Wake-Up to Toby!

Well, this has not been a boring week at all. Yesterday we were supposed to go to the beach but ended up pool-side with friends (I know rough life). Then Janine and kids came over for dinner where I cooked (yes, I know another big […]

Will glue for Money, Food and Fun!

Well, I have been gluing, cutting, sanding, distressing and painting until I can do no more so I thought I would share some of the latest projects for CHA.  I leave in one week and have a list of things to do but no worries, […]

My New Mug!

I found a new line that I just love!  It is called Children of the Inner Light.  Today I found the most perfect mug for me.  I drink tea every night when I am working in my studio (goes with my chocolate).  Finding a mug […]

My Baby Got a New ‘Do

Today Michaela and I had a girl’s day out.  It is rare for us two girls to slip out of the house with no boys in tow so we took the day to do what she loves to do (and I hate) but I did […]

Fourth Fun!

The Fourth of July has come and gone.  It was a lot of fun.  Janine and Victoria and families came over for swimming, sun and food (OK and Margaritas).  There was a water balloon fight, pool jumping contests and did I mention Margaritas?  Enjoy our […]

Photo Shoot – Parker & Michaela

Last Saturday night we had the pleasure of dining with great friends.  Fred and Melissa came down for a visit and as always we had a great time.  Melissa is the kind of friend you may not see for 6 months but the second we […]

Scrappin Sports Layouts

My deadline for Scrappin Sports is Saturday and I was able to get two more layouts done….LOVE the new lines! Crunch time this week to get things done and mailed.  I have about 5 projects started on my desk.  A week and a half before […]