More Vacation Highlights…

So many vacation highlights I want to share…… Seeing our Kennedy doing what she loves and is so great at!  So, so proud of her!! Dairy Queen with Grandma and a walk around the Millpond… Spending time with my dear friend and Tyler's Godmother…….and J-Man! […]

Hometown Americana Music Festival

A great thing about returning to your hometown is seeing how much it has grown. Brighton is a beautiful city and we really took to the town for fun this time… The whole family… and my new found friend (who never did buy me dinner […]

The Greatest Gift from a Great Grandma…

One part of the trip that meant a lot to me was seeing my grandma…the kid's 97 year old great grandma.  Just seeing the joy in your eyes and the hugs and kisses she gave her great grand children filled my heart…… She is rightfully […]

Home is where the Heart Is

I cannot express what an amazing vacation we had but my pictures can.  I will spend the next few days re-capping because as I looked back at over 500 pictures I looked happy, I feel happy and I am happy that I come from such […]

Happy 15th Birthday!

Sunday my oldest turned 15! Happy Birthday Tyler! We rang in his special day with the family for dinner. Thank you Mom, Dad, Uncle Larry and Aunt Aud for dinner. Love all the laughs… Monday I got the rare time to have some one-on-one time […]


There is nothing like great friends and family…Saturday was all about that family. From the afternoon softball game seeing Kennedy (who hit her first home run!) to family stories until 2 am I know just how blessed we are. This day also included a trip […]

Welcome to the Mixed Media Industrial Chic Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Mixed Media Industrial Chic Blog Hop!! When I was first asked to be a part of this I shook in my boots for one second and said Heck YES! Ice Resin was a medium I had wanted to try and I got some […]

Michigan Girl

I am home…Michigan home sweet home. Yes the girl can be taken out of Michigan but the Michigan cannot be taken out of the girl. The twins and I joined Ty who started his vacation a week ago. I missed him but valued the time […]