Doodlling the night away!!

Doodling away and practicing some fun new techniques.  Practice, Practice, Practice!  Mixing it up between water colors, pens, markers and acrylic paints…… Playing with letters and using my own hand-writing!   Still practing with black pen……. and am even taking the art to bed… nightstand […]

Art that speaks to me…

Funny as an artist/person you go through times of growth, change and experimentation.  You want to learn new things hone your own style and express yourself.  I have made it a goal to Paint-A-Page-A-Day……..not masterpieces but art that speaks to me. This is what came […]

The Magic Castle

If you would have told me that this week I would visit The World Famous Magic Castle I would have laughed.  Before this week I did not even know what that was.  But I was invited to this private club with friends and could not pass it […]

Creating in Grace……

Last Monday I created this piece and wrote: "Today I will find Grace in the Day, Grace in myself and count my blessings"   Today this was a message I got: "When we accept that we always exist in a state of grace, we are […]

Happy Anniversary…..

Happy 44th Anniversary to my amazing parents..   To the example you set to so many, the friendship you have made and the bar you set.  I so know what it means to see love, be loved and have your best friend in life as […]

Walking it off…….

When life dishes out a few bumps, obstacles or "rumble strips" as Martha Beck termed them and I wrote about them HERE how do you get through them?  For me I clean, walk and paint….. I was chatting with a friend going through some rough times and […]

Over the Line Tournament

This past weekend I experienced a San Diego tradition…..OTL (Over the Line) World Championship on Fiesta Island!  This Mom of three had heard stores and was warned of the free-spirited fun (to put it delicately) and it was a great time. It was the 60th […]

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