Home Sweet Home……

I am so glad to be home and back with my kiddos and The Furball (who missed me).  Everyone is back in my nest and for that I am grateful.  It has been a busy past week and thankful to all who kept my village […]


This week has been one of laughter and tears but the common denominator was Family. I was too busy to really make this trip and I return to a tremendous amount of mom duties and work but it will still be there when I return. […]

Rest in Sweet Peace Grandma

Friday night I got the call I have been expecting for awhile but dreaded…my grandma peacefully passed away. Surrounded by family who loved her dearly and leaving behind a wonderful 98-year legacy. So as I sit on the flight on a very early Saturday morning […]

Staycation Doodling…my colorful world

If you think for a second that the art stopped becuase I took a little Staycation, quite the contrary.  I am taking in as much as I can and that included my little trip to Coronado……how on earth could you not jus want to paint […]

What is your Story?

I love it when I read a good article that prompts me to write.  I just read this article by Marc and Angel.  I consider this site a journal of sorts to share with people and hopefully they are inspired to do something creative in […]

Tracy Staycation 2013 – Paradise

If I could bottle part of my Staycation and put a word to it, it would be Paradise…my kind of paradise.  It was a day that included some of my favorite things:  a 6 mile walk, a mimosa, relaxation by the water, music, art and […]

DecoArt Specialty Glass Paints – Doodle Mason Jars

I love it when DecoArt sends me paints to try on new mediums. I have been having fun with glass lately!  I got these three Mason Jars with lids for $1.00 and wanted to use them in my space to hold my doodle markers & […]

Tracy Staycation 2013 – Time

I have to admit that when the kiddos went on vacation and I was left with a week solo I would know what to do. Now the issue is trying to fit it all in! Great problem to have….blessed problem to have. Friday it started […]