Totally Tracy Stamps, Videos and GIVEAWAYS!!

WOW, life sure has been busy and I have no where to begin but let’s start with my Totally Tracy Stamps!! I am excited to share the TWO videos that I did with Scrapbook Expo at CHA!  It has been crazy busy since CHA and […]

February 2015 in Pictures

Where did February go?  We are already 11 days into March.  February marked the completion of our addition…a trip to Dallas and Las Vegas! It sure went by fast… Some new opportunities sprouted in this month and we are bringing our family together under one […]

Mixed Media Monday 3/9/15 – You Can Do Anything If You Believe

In the midst of the travel and family  I am so happy that I was able to carve out tonight for  Mixed Media Monday.  I thank you all for understanding the computer issues.  Thankful for John’s Mac but have no idea how to use it but […]


This year early on I wrote about collaboration vs competition and have found that this year more than any other this seems true. I feel like a sponge wanting to absorb what I can from those around me and support/uplift where I can.  As I […]

Trust the Outcome…

My Word of 2015 seems to be ringing true and I just take every opportunity to WRITE when I can.  In the absence of no laptop which I found to be quite liberating I have embraced my iPad while I am traveling.  I am taking […]

Interactive Artist Magazine Video

I want to share a very cool experience I had with Interactive Artist Magazine!  I did a one hour video session with them where I painted this 11″ X 14″ Painting: The entire process from top to bottom was exciting and I want to thank […]

Creative Painting 2015 – DecoArt

I am excited to share a whole new opportunity and show for me…the Creative Painting Show in Las Vegas, NV!  I had no idea what to expect and had an open mind.  I had the pleasure of working with the famous Doxie Keller and Sandy Aubuchon, […]

20 More Questions in 20 More Seconds…

What a few months it has been!  As many of you know Andy Skinner and I are collaborating and bringing our Art Worlds together…more like a collision!  Dare to Create….. We need to ask a favor and for forgiveness!  Both Andy and I have been […]