About Tracy

What you see, is what you get….I put it all out there every day. I am the mom of four great kids (20 & 19 year old sons plus boy/girl 15 year old twins). For me, every day is full of color and inspiration. I am happiest behind my camera capturing life’s every amazing second. I live life with a creative edge and know that art is my calling. Most days you can find me in my art studio using all mediums; water colors, acrylics, mixed media and more to capture life’s precious memories.

I am a published multi-medium artist that enjoys sharing my passion with others! Whether it is LIVE via online workshops or in a professional setting I love to share my passion for the craft & art industry! I have a unique and personal approach to marketing and education that is an asset to manufacturers, retailers and fellow artists! I have represented multiple manufacturers as an educator and designer team member. My work and art studio has been featured in multiple publications and I am a proud member of the Craft & Hobby Association and Society of Decorative Painters.

Creatively yours,



Tracy Weinzapfel written by Tina Riley
The ‘p’ is silent in my name
“Letting go!” is what I exclaim
“Let me tell you a story…” it’s what I do
You see I’m an ARTIST and so are you
I am also a mom, so I do a lot
But it is really great raising the glue dots
Sometimes I put on my cape so I can do it all
3 kids, Penny the dog-all while painting glittered balls

I get so much support from Glue Mom and Glue Dad
They attended the first show I ever had
My OCD will not let my studio get dirty
I clean each day…before dad says ”Relax, it’s wine thirty”
I like to outline images with my charcoal 3B
Doodling with Signo and Montana work best for me
I always use the products from Deco Arts
When I make backgrounds, flowers, collage and hearts

The other year I learned to BREATHE
This year I’m going to BELIEVE
Mixed Media Mondays-every week
Sign in early to reserve your seat
I create things in numbers that are odd
Questions are answered by really cool MODS
Since USTREAM is free-buyer must beware
You can always join the Creative Dare

Well, that’s all for now ‘cause I gotta go
See you real soon “Live from my studio”