Invitation to my friends……..Ramona Art & Wine Festival

I would like to invite my local friends to join me me next Saturday for the Ramona Art & Wine Festival…………………is it wrong to beg you guys!  I need all the support I can get as they auction off my wine barrel. I shared the […]

Move it and lose it!

I try to inspire by example and noticed a few weeks back following my vacation that I was feeling a bit listless and lacking energy for things.  The number reflected it on the scale and my doctor was on me about my increasing blood pressure.  All prompted […]

Holiday kick off!

I am happy to say Thursday night we had our annual ornament exchange and for me this was an official kick off for Christmas!  Thank you to this special bunch of ladies for joining in the fun! we had some fun ornaments & more to exchange […]

Art & Wine Girl’s Weekend

Life is  busy for us friends, that is an understatement. It is hard to make time to get away as we are all Mom’s but that time is so worth it!  I am so glad we did it!  Friday we headed out to the mountains […]

What fills your glass?…..

Today I pose the question…”What Fills up your Glass?”  I posted a photo on Facebook (cranberry Sprite and Vodka) which sparked much converation.  No matter what you choose to put in your glass (literally and figurtively) what fills you up?  As women, moms, caretakers sometimes […]

We all have a story…

Tuesday I had an work appointment downtown to a place I have not been in 6 years.  I was early so I decided to take in the streets of downtown San Diego in the perfect weather.  I stopped for lunch and spoiled myself with a […]

An Art Inspired Weekend!

I took a little time off for this weekend for some "me" time in between work and stuff around the house and it was nice.  I filled it with some things that I find relaxing.  One thing I love to do when I am kiddo-free is […]

Great Friends….Great Friday!

When your week comes to an end and you can end it with good friends, good food and wine it is a great time!  I was able to do just that yesterday with these lovely ladies…. Cheers and Happy Birthday Lori! I truly am blessed having […]