An Art Inspired Weekend!

I took a little time off for this weekend for some "me" time in between work and stuff around the house and it was nice.  I filled it with some things that I find relaxing.  One thing I love to do when I am kiddo-free is […]

Great Friends….Great Friday!

When your week comes to an end and you can end it with good friends, good food and wine it is a great time!  I was able to do just that yesterday with these lovely ladies…. Cheers and Happy Birthday Lori! I truly am blessed having […]

Friends, Wine, and Sunset……Perfection

Wow, two sunsets in one week!  Lucky me!  This weekend friends asked me to go to a local winery…Cordiano Winery for some wine tasting.  I had never been there and it was beautiful!  We had yummy wine and wood fired pizza……. saw a beautiful sunset!…..   She may […]

9 Years Ago…Nov 20th

….I met two of the most beautiful people that I am proud to call my rug rats.  They popped into our world and changed things as I knew it. Not only did we have one blessing but two for the money.  I will always remember […]

Thankful for A Piece of Italy

One of my new favorite treasures in San Diego is Little Italy.   I discovered it by accident a couple of months ago HERE when venturing down to an art store (Blick Art Supplies) and it has three things I love…… A great art store great […]

A Penny for Your Thoughts Today

Thank you everyone for the positive mojo and prayers for The Furball.  Man-alive my life was easier when I was "not a dog person" and was not in touch with my feelings.  Just so you know I still think these things call feelings are way […]

Sometimes you just have to eat on it….

There are a few things that just make me feel balanced..(please omit any x-rated ideas here)…They are: being creative (includes shopping for art supplies, using them, or being with fellow creative/crafty folks sharing what I love). food………good food and the perfect beverage to accompany it […]