Birthday Month GIVEAWAY #3 – Genuinely Jane

I am back from a mini  BIRTHDAY getaway and from the National Hardware Show where I had a GREAT time!  Last Saturday was my officaly birthday and what an amazing day/weekend and month it has been.  AND….we are only halfway there!  43 and the NEW […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 4/22/13 – Be True to You

Tonight was all about free and easy.  Not over-thinking it and just gonig back to some bright colors that I love to work with.  I am finishing the last of the two 20 X 24 paintings that need to be shipped this week so this […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 4/15/13 – Create out of Your Comfort Zone

Last Monday I admitted I needed to create out of my comfort zone and was hired to paint two large paintings.  One is large and vibranted (started it on Easter HERE) and the second needs to be a more "Grunge" style.  That is outside of […]

Mixed Media Monday’s April 2013 Calendar

I am loving 2013 and every month in it gets bigger and better for Mixed Media Monday's in my studio!!  Every week the audience grows larger and yet again I am thrilled to see what April has in store for us.  First off…… is the calendar […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 3/25/13 – “Live”

Each week I am blown away by the positive response of Mixed Media Mondays.  The viewers are growing, the manufacturer's are asking to be a part of this fun and I am beyond excited!  I look forward to Monday's and who actually says that!  This […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 3/18/13 – “Creating Yourself”

One of the things I have enjoyed doing over the past year is creating my life…managaing my time.  Deciding what is important to me.  That is not always easy to do.  Sometimes major things happen to be a catalyst for change.  Kind of forcing you […]

Aprons are in the Studio!

By the request of so many of you Mixed Media Monday Fans the apron is designed and available.  I LOVE MINE and I will not be ruining any more of my pants & shirts on Monday nights LIVE!  I love how they turned out and […]

Mixed Media Monday12/3/12 Recap – “Love Art”

There are two great things to include on a Monday……#1 as Angie showed is to start Monday with a hot beverage of choice in our new Monday Mugs! This picture made me so happy.  Mugs and other fun stuff can be purchased here:  The large mug […]