A Rainy, Cold California Day

Today it was cold and rainy.  We are getting quite the storm here but it was a perfect day to be inside. We had friends over to make gingerbread houses and the kids all had a lot of fun.  OK, us moms had fun too.  […]

Best Friends…Twins

Today I had the pleasure of watching the twins playing at the park while Tyler was at basketball practice.  It was just the two of them and I saw how they truly interacted with one another.  When Joey needed a boost to climb Micky lent […]

Sleeping the Day Away

Today I took another day off from life and tried to sleep off this cold.  The twins got a free day of destroying the house but they were good.  Tonight we had the pleasure of watching Tyler in his first band concert.  It was quite […]

Before/(Almost) After

Someone asked me for Before/After photos so I thought I would post one.  We are not totally done in this picture as we are hanging a new microwave and this does not show the beautiful faucets but it gives a good idea of where we […]

Where is my Mojo?

Today did not start with a lot of gusto.  In fact my mojo was gone.  I have been fighting some sort of head cold where my head is the weight of a bowling ball.  Unlike yesterday when I did not go to the gym at […]

One Step Closer

Our prayers to the kitchen Gods helped because today we are one step closer to a real functioning kitchen. The counters were installed and they look so good.  My kitchen actually feels so much larger and the bar area is so much nicer to sit […]

Praying to the Kitchen Gods this week

We hope to say we are heading down the home-stretch this week with the major stuff on our house.  Tomorrow the counter people are scheduled to come and install the long-awaited counters.  Saturday our cabinet guy completed the cool cabinet in the dining room into […]

The Gift of Time

This Christmas I am going to ask Santa for more time. This would include more time in the day, more time to create, more time with family & friends and more waking hours in the day. For those who know me well more waking hours […]