Fiber Scraps Contest

Contest alert for you scrappers!  Win money and have your work displayed at CHA……for more information and contest details go to the Fiber Scraps website.  I encourage all my scrapping buddies enter!

Christmas Countdown

Today I realized we are three weeks to Christmas.  Santa had better get his act in gear because those gifts will not wrap themselves and walk under the tree.  I tried to get a few things at Wal-Mart with the twins today but they are […]

“Deck the ….”

Bah humbug today.  I set out this morning to start on that Christmas list and handle a few household items.  I now remember why I hate to go shopping in December and rely on my mom so much for that.  The parking lots were crazy […]

A Vast Vocabulary

Today I brought the kids home from preschool and said they could make their own egg-salad sandwiches.  They just love them.  After each one had made their own sandwich my cell phone rang.  I was half listening to the twins talking while I was setting […]