Back to the Grind

I take my fitness and wellness very seriously.  Pretty much anything I put my mind to I give it my all.  In my 30’s I decided to put "me" first and give up those potato chips/soda/coffee and join the gym.  It has been the best […]


Just another slow Sunday.  The official last day of spring break and the only thing we did was go to Tyler’s baseball practice.  Tomorrow we all arise to our normal busy schedules.  Today was also Pete’s first day on the new job.  We are still […]

Spring Break Comes to an End

The end of spring break is upon us.  Next week we are back to the hub bub of school and associated activities.  In the meantime I have been busy creating lots of new things including this Friendship Frame of Micky and her friend.  I created […]

San Juan Capistrano Mission

I thought I would share our trip to the Mission.  Tyler is doing his 4th grade project on this Mission so we used it as a good excuse to be with our special friends Gigi and Darrell.  It was a wonderful day.  View full size

So Blessed and Very Buried

Right now I am looking at an office that is knee deep in new goodies.  So many wonderful opportunities have come my way and I feel blessed each and every day.  And for those who think I am always organized, take a look at this: […]

Survival of the Fittest

Here is my picture of the week from Easter…….. I have a zillion photos I would love to share but this one sort of says it all.  Tyler of course grabbed the egg and then helped his sister.  There is nothing like grass stains on […]

Baby Lovin’

Here are just a few of the photos I took this past week.  I have to say that I went a bit crazy with the camera but it was fun to have a baby to photograph.  What a little ham he is!  I also had […]


I have so much to up-date that I don’t know where to begin…..OK, yes I do.  Pete got promoted today to Supervisor and we are so darn proud of him!  That is great news for him.  He has been a temporary Supervisor for the last […]