Home Sweet Home

We are H-O-M-E!  Yeah hoo!  Tonight I sleep in my own bed with my own pillow (which you already know means a ton to me!).  I am so mad at myself!  We got home, unloaded, started laundry and I got the mail…as I walked in […]

I stand corrected!

Ok, I have to admit I was a Doubting Thomas about this trip to Las Vegas.  I was not crazy about going to "Sin City" with three kids.  I certainly did not like the idea of sitting through a 2 hour Time Share presentation for […]

Last summer trip….

Hello from Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, this is the fifth State I have been to in the last few months.  For someone who does not do a lot of traveling, that is a lot of traveling.  We decided to sneak in one more summer vacation […]

Creativity Abounds

Oh boy,the creative wheels are turning.  First, I created this Halloween Candy Bag for Helmar using their Crackle Medium.  Oh that is so cool! Then I created two layouts for Scrappin Sports & More using Andrea Deer’s new line.  Our weekend was another action packed […]

Money out the window!

You ever have a day where you lose things or you have to spend needless money?  Today was my day.  It started with JoJo’s flip flops (notice JoJo’s name comes up frequently, God Love him).  They managed to walk off he beach by themselves.  Now […]

Micky’s Personal Shopper

Today my friend Melissa and her adorable daughter Parker (My Goddaughter)…… came over for a visit.  They came bearing hand-me-downs including new princess dresses.  Michaela is the diva because of Melissa.  I think Melissa has clothed Micky since she was a baby.  She came with […]