Time for an up-date

                And before you email me and ask how old………….never-you-mind.  Let me just say UGH!  But to answer your next questions: German Chocolate Cake White Daisies/Red Roses (kind of a toss up) Size Small (OK, maybe medium) Facial over Massage […]

Weekend Adventure

Well, I had hoped to use my new toy to show our weekend fun however I am not that savvy enough to share yet so I will just tell you what my new present it…. Flip Video.  Tyler and I had fun shooting lots of […]

R & R at the B & B

How do I describe the past 24 hours?   In a couple of words…….relaxing, inviting, loving, fun, lots of pillows and no saying "no".  There are two very special people in our lives who live about an hour and a half from us….Gramma Gigi and Papa […]

Portrait Session

Today I had the pleasure of photographing my friend’s son.  Now keep in mind he has had long (and I mean long) curly hair for a very long time but recently he got a new ‘do.  I realized today that his hair was so long […]

“Mommy what are….?”

So today Michaela came home from school and asked the most dreaded question "Mom, what are taxes?" (and you thought it was going to be "Where do babies come from?"). And so it goes……. Michaela:  My teacher says you have to pay taxes…..what are they?MOM:  […]

Where oh Where have I been?

Wow how time flies when you are busy.  I have maintained the hiking and even ordered some "gear" for my obsession.  Pretty soon I will have a weighted walking vest, jogger pepper spray and a hiking book.  All I need is a bird-watching pair of […]

It is hot and windy!

and we were at the ball fields all day.  The winds were blowing like crazy to the point that I could not pull my camera out at the twins game because half the dirt from the ball field blew on us.  I swear I had […]