Scrapbooking Saturday

We stayed home today to get a day of rest before we take the jet skis to the ocean tomorrow.  While the kids built forts, painted, and did their own thing I got some work done.  I love this time of year.  I can wake […]

Friday Fun

Wow, this summer is busy already!  Friday we found ourselves at Susan’s for a day by the pool.  Now there is something about me and pools that don’t go together.  First off laying by a pool means actually means laying still.  Sitting in the sun […]

I love Cats……

Ok, if you believe that than I have some land to sell you.  For people who are new here I need to just say stand up and say "I am not an animal person".  I may have just tuned out a bunch of readers.  I […]

Beach, Sand and NO SUN!

It is summer in San Diego.  Did you hear that Mother Nature?  It is Summer in San Diego.  That means sun and heat at the beach.  What is going on!  There was a 30 degree difference from our house at 99 degrees to the coast […]

The Good, The Bad, and the Leaking

Swim lessons started today and then Pete wanted to take the jet skis out to the ocean so I was coming home to load up and head over there.  He was all loaded and ready and then asked me about some paint that was blistering […]

Father’s Day Plus Baseball and Lots of HEAT!

Today we went on a field trip with the twin’s T-Ball team.  I arranged for our team to go to the Lake Elsinore Storm Minor League baseball game.  The team, coaches, and team mom got to go on the field and get autographs from the […]

Happy Father’s Day Dad…….

I am so lucky to have the greatest Dad in the whole wide world!  (yep, the whole wide world!).   Dad, you are my rock and my safe haven.  I will always be your little girl and will look up to you like no other.  I […]

My Girly Side

OK, I am going to admit something that makes me very girly.  Yes, I love sports, beer, hiking, weight-lifting, no make-up, sweating, skulls (I know strange), and even a bloody hockey fight but I also love anything pink, black & white polka dots, a pretty […]