CHA Re-Cap (sorry kinda long)

How do I sum up the last 6 days at CHA Summer other than to say Woo Hoo!  It was a lot of fun.  After many a plane delay and getting comfy in the O’Hare Airport last night my plane finally left and I got […]

Teaching in Michigan!

I am taking the show on the road to Flint, Michigan…….Capture-A-Memory has asked me to teach on Tuesday, July 29th at 5:30 PM.  Spots are limited so if you will be in the area please call them:           810/733-0716        […]

Hello from the Windy City…

or is that the Rainy City?  I am coming to you live from Chicago (actually more like dead-tired from Chicago).  My Internet connection is not great so pictures will have to come when I return.  I have had a couple of fun-filled busy "work" days.  […]

Underwater Fun and Chicago Here I Come!

The kids and I went out and played with my new underwater camera (Olympus 1030SW)  Thanks Randy for the recommendation!  I got this for our trip to Michigan since we plan to be in and on the water a lot.  We had a lot of […]

Hiking Take Me Away!

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and take a hiking break.  Now one thing nearly knocked me off my chair was a phone call from Miss Kelly herself asking ME to go hiking.  Now when I say asked me that is […]

Two Day Countdown………Need a Recommendation

Two more projects for Best Creation.  If you are not familiar with their products you are missing out! Today was all about work, running errands, and getting some groceries for the fam to gnaw on while I am away.  The kids and I also went […]

Creativity Don’t Leave Me Now!

After fully recovering from lack of sleep I got two more layouts done for Best Creation.  I have two more days to get things done and feeling a bit over-whelmed (in a good way).  I will be working right down to departure time.  I am […]

Toby Keith Concert!

Wow, what a great concert!  From the opening act of Montgomery Gentry to Toby the concert was awesome.  Us four girls (OK, women) had a great time!  Thank you Shelly for inviting us along! $10 Beers in Hand at the Concert Woo Hoo!    I […]