For just one moment

This week I hit the trail for some much needed exercise and decided to hit my "spot".  Taking a few minutes of down time feels so great here because it is like being on top of the world.  I find it nearly impossible to shut […]

Photographing Hope (and Eric too!)

When I am asked to photograph someone I feel privileged and honored that someone trusts me to capture their essence and personality.  When Eric Burton, a local musician called me last week to photograph him and his daughter and also him for his new CD […]

Thank You

Thank you to those who emailed me with the feedback.  To answer a few questions: that is me. I did not do anything to my eyes.  Just got lucky with incredible lighting.  And trust me, if I was "fixing" things #1 on my list would […]

Blog Face Lift and Catching Up

Well, it was time for a change so I up-dated the blog.  Comments/questions/suggestions?  Please input them in the suggestion box a.k.a. the comment section (or email me).  I also posted many new posts so make sure to arrow down.  Thanks to you who check in […]

Photo Session

Last Friday I called Kelly up for an impromptu photo session at our local park.  I was testing some new things out on the camera and needed some new photos for my blog face-lift (which is in the works).  There is no one I trust […]

Tyler B for V.P.

I had to take off my Nurse’s hat on Sunday and put on my Campaign Manager hat for Tyler.  He is running for Vice President of Student Council and needed posters, flyer’s and t-shirts.  So with our creative minds we came up with some fun […]

Opening Day for Micky!

Saturday was a tough day in our house.  Joey got the yucky flu on Friday.  Trust me when I say I will never question if someone is sick.  He proceed to show me right in my studio!  So Saturday I was lugging the kids to […]


Micky and friends started gymnastics again and she was so excited to be tumbling again.  It is good to see her doing something she love so much (and mom only has to drive every third week!)