End of Summer

Wow, I have heard so many say that summer just went by so fast and I could not agree more.  It is officially over.  Tomorrow I will be the mom of (2) 2nd Graders and a Middle School-er!  Oh help me but more about that […]

Soccer Season Starts!

Today was Opening Day for Soccer and boy did it welcome us with a heat wave!  It was well over 100 degrees and I felt sorry for those kiddos but they handled it like troupers.  I am proud to have two Goalies in the family.  […]

Summer Smiles….Continued

Last but not least is my little Jo-Man.  He continues to brighten my world in ways I cannot describe.  If you have met him you know why.  Whenever I need a helping hand he is right there with his Home Depot Tool box.    This summer […]

Summer Fun Princess Style

Well as always my little girl continues to bring a smile to my face every day.  This little out-doorsey girl took in lots of sun and water this summer.  She did great in swim lessons and conquered diving.  She had no issues with getting up […]

Summer Highlights…Water Polo

So what have we been up to…….Starting with Ty.  He wet his feet (pardon the pun) in a new sport.  He gave water polo a try and seemed to really love it.  I had a lot of fun photographing this new sport…    We have […]

Where has Summer gone?

Hi Remember me??  Oh I have been a very bad blogger.  I finally sat down today to process and edit photos back from July 4th!  So where have I been you are wondering (or not, but I will tell you anyway).  I have been across […]