My New Improved Studio

I am proud to finally show my new and improved studio!   Everything has been taken off the floor and for now has a home.  I even have plans for future shelving!  I still have tons to go through and sell so stay tuned.  For now […]

Full Moon…….Peace, Serenity and an Opossum!

This weekend is the calm before the storm.  The moon was full and there was not one activity on our calendar.  This holiday weekend finds us free from sports and homework.  I decided to check out the full moon.    I was outside shooting when […]

Google Friends Connect

I have had some requests to add "Google Friends Connect" to my blog and I figured it out tonight.  I have yet to see what this does however some of you must.  So please join my site.  It would be fun to have a follower […]

Helmar CHA Re-Cap (better late than never)!

So I have up-dated the kid's summer happenings but what about mine?  Well, first and foremost I went to CHA Summer 2009 in Orlando, Florida with Helmar Australia.  Now before I left I provided pictures of many of my projects and I shared the Make […]

First Day of School!

Woo Hoo……….HAPPY MOM Dance!  It is here and we all went to bed Sunday night anxious and excited.  I have TWO second graders and a 7th grader (junior high!).  Tyler started a new school and I swear I was way more nervous than him.  I gave […]