9 Years Ago…Nov 20th

….I met two of the most beautiful people that I am proud to call my rug rats.  They popped into our world and changed things as I knew it. Not only did we have one blessing but two for the money.  I will always remember […]

Lessons Learned…..from “The Furball”

A couple of months ago the idea came about to get a dog and in my true OCD manner I obsessed over such a situation and had moments of panic, wondered if I had lost my mind, and did not think I needed to add one […]

Big Photo Shoot….I mean ‘Large Photo Shoot’

For the past four or five years I have had the honor of photographing our entire elementary school's "Just Say No" photo.  It is a lot of fun that I have grown into it.  It makes me face many fears that I have had a […]

Thankful for A Piece of Italy

One of my new favorite treasures in San Diego is Little Italy.   I discovered it by accident a couple of months ago HERE when venturing down to an art store (Blick Art Supplies) and it has three things I love…… A great art store great […]

The Furball Takes Over….or so she thinks!

Well, all sanity has been lost in my house…….yes, the Furball has gone to the bed.  Not only has Penny gotten herself quite comfortable but now she demands to be up there.  Are you kidding me?  Have I lost my marbles? Not only does she […]

End to a Great Cross Country Season!

Cross Country ended last week and both our middle school 8th grade girls and boys took first place in the county.  It was a fun season! Tyler ended out the season fit and strong…so proud of him.   The coach has to be the best sport ever […]

Halloween Fun!

Wow, what a busy weekend.  From the second Mark landed on Friday it was non-stop Halloween around the house.  Joey, took "Cutest Costume" in the school carnival costume contest…….  (Thanks Tina for the photo!) My Aussie had no clue what he was in for this […]