Relay for Life

I am proud to be walking the Relay for Life on April 30th and I am proud to say that our team is rocking it on the donations and this is where I need your help!  If you wish to support me in my efforts […]

Being Grateful Every Day (3/19/11 Entry)

There are days that it takes everything in me to come up with what I am thankful for.  Days when things just go wrong, health scares in your family, rough day with kids  and you shrug off those reasons to be grateful.  Of course there are […]

Kids (3/12/11 Gratitude Entry)

Today and every day I am thankful for my kids (ok, there are some days I wish they had a better parenting manual but for the most part).  It is rare we have a Saturday free but last weekend was one of those days and […]

Art, Create, Inspire (3/11/11 Entry)

Have you ever been worried about throwing a party that no one will come to?  Or making a dinner that no one wants to eat?  Or putting hours into decorating a parade float where no crowds are lining the street? (ok, maybe not that one but you get […]

Perspective (3/10/11 Entry)

So I never imagined that taking my thoughts public about being grateful would be so much fun!  I love to write in my journal and when I decided to add some color voila…….a watercolor journal that I just post random thoughts.  Then I decide to […]

Mini Gratitude Album

We sure had a great time on Ustream Monday night.  If you missed it you can catch it HERE: (So sorry for the sound technical issues.  We had some computer issues last night and are working out the kinks) SUPPLY LIST: (2) 4" x 5" […]

Heading to Inspired Artist Workshop in May!

I am happy to share that I will be at Donna Downey's Artist Workshop May 11-14th in Concord, NC!  Helmar USA, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the event..  There is still time to sign up! And…….I will be teaching a mini workshop featuring your favorite […]

Gratitude Journal is complete!

As you know I have been working in my Creative Journal to "Do Something Creative Everyday" (or in my case every chance I get) and now I have completed my Gratitude Journal.  How fitting that I was walking out of Borders the other day and […]