Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day to the first man I ever loved and will always love.  You hold a special place in my heart that is just saved for you.  You have been there from Year 1 and at Year 41 you are even more important in […]

Having Faith….Confirmation

Life raising a teenager is not always easy!  Ok, that may be the understatement of the year for me.  There are days you just want to ring their neck, speed up the clock toward them moving out and pray that you are doing your job […]

June Studio Class

UP-DATE…we have just a few seats left in my first Studio Class which is this coming Thursday however you need to be paid and signed up by this Sunday, June 19th so I can have your kit ready for you!  Click the link below to […]

Painting in the Journal and Helmar GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Decided to do some paintings in my Daily Inspiration Journal too! I love to play with paints and find a couple of things very simple to draw.  I guess martini glasses seems to be one of them.  Just love to play with water colors, acrylics and […]

Creative Life

I have a degree from a top ten university I worked hard for and am proud of. I loved working in construction for a number of years but always knew that there was a creative person in me dying to come out.  Many ask how […]

Swimming Buddies

The twin's are taking in the nice days by breaking back in the pool and relaxing with three new friends.  I am not sure how these frogs felt about being in a hot tub….  but the twins were sure having fun out there laughing away!   and I […]

The Senses: Teenager in the House!

There are lots of senses involved when you have a teenager: sight, sound, and smell.  This week Ty was off to a cruise in the San Diego Harbor for school and as he was getting ready I was taking it all in…the senses that is.  […]

Inspiration Pages by YOU!

Wow I am blown away by the emails I have recieved from so many sharing their inspiration journal pages and this journey with me. Not only am I excited to see the beautiful art-filled pages but to hear your stories is so amazing. Like this one […]