Deluxe Glue Caddies are Back In!

Great Great news…we sold out the first batch of Deluxe Glue Caddies and we have a while new order!  I am loving the pictures coming in of the ones you have altered!  This beautiful one is by Martha Richardson  and featured on her blog HERE:   Remember […]

All Good Things Come to an End…..or do they?

Preseason football is on, back to school shopping is here and there is a cool breeze in the evenings, summer is coming to an end.  I plan on squeezing every last ray of sunshine from it as it has been a great summer.  My oldest […]

Painting and Playing

How I love it when the ideas are flowing and I cannot put paint to paper fast enough.  So the second to the last page in my inspiration and this journey that started in May is done. Ok, not done because are our journey's ever […]

Inspiration Journaling….

I have had some time away from my inspiration journal and I missed it.  So this weekend I committed myself to some creative time.  I have missed "my" time.  So I pulled out the Helmar Decoupage that I have been playing with and a few […]

My Meaning in Art

Strange I have been thinking a lot about my art lately.  It is hard when you don't create something that someone can use, wear or it does not have interactive parts. My art is not a sculpture that stands in someones foyer….just the thought of […]

Found my Creative Mojo!

Since returning from vacation (which I will post pictures from once I find the time to unload the camera) I have seemed to misplace my creative mojo but I am happy to report it is back!  With the release of the Glue Caddies from Glue […]

Bring on the Gluing Mojo!

Woo hoo…I am Back and slowly getting caught up from vacation…gonna dig right in! Part of my job is to be creative and I love that part. I love to play and experiment with every one of our adhesives and art mediums.  When I decided to spotlight […]