I have a New Challenge for You!

Time to dig out that Life List, Bucket List, whatever you call it!  Time to put your dreams to paper.  I have had my Life List for forever!  I loved the Inspiration Challenge that we did a couple of months ago and I am ready for […]

A Time to Connect

I may be in trouble for this as I always get implicite permission to post about anyone seen here including my kids.  But this one I may have to fly solo and just take the hit if it comes (like the one of Tyler in […]

The things that Matter

Thursday at about 3:35 pm we experienced a power outage.  Not just a standard outage…….an entire county outage that affected over 1.4 million people here in Southern California.  The feeling was eerie to say the least. Three days to September 11th there was a sense […]

A Moment to Breathe

I have said it time and time again that I feel oh so blessed.  I have amazing friends, a great family, my kids. I get to wake up and surround myself with some of the most creative people.  There are days I create something whether […]

The Colors of Summer

I finally am taking some time to empty every one of my camera cards and relive some of our summer.  It just went by so fast.  One of my frequent inspiring places to go has been Little Italy in downtown San Diego.  I cannot believe […]

A little lost, unfocused……

I have been a little lost and unfocused in my artist direction lately.  I finished my Inspiration Journal so I don't have a "project" I am focused on. I have TONS of vacation photos I have not even looked at and art projects started.  As you can tell I have […]

Sailing The Day Away

Summer is coming to an end so quickly and I am gonig to miss it.  There is nothing like summer in San Diego.  And no better way than to spend a day on the bay sailing!  What an absolutely amazing day!  Thank you to our […]

Back to School Time

This week the kids are back and school which means many things…the laundry is caught up, the house stays clean for more than 15 minute stints and moms everywhere are doing the Back to School Jig!!  It also means back to school photos which they […]