Paint your Mood

Monday was one of those days…I cannot put my finger on it nor is there any great reason as I am blessed beyond believe but my hormones for moaning my estrogen was flairing, my tear ducts were quaking…for no real reason.  Just one of those […]

I Was Here

I have had the worse case of writer's block or blogger's block of late.  It is so hard to force yourself to write when you feel uninspired.  As I write I want to share a song I heard the other day that is giving me […]

Tracy Weinzapfel Studios on Etsy!

I am finally in the office and taking care of business (I would rather be in the studio with a paint brush in my hand!).  I have finally updated my Etsy store! I have sold two pieces in the last week and that prompted me to […]

Canvas, Canvas and more Canvas!

I am excited to say that I have been asked to come back to ArtWalk in San Marcos on June 3rd! You know what that means…painting, painting and more painting!  A Canvas a day keeps the doctor away!  I want to give some sneak peaks of […]

Team All Night for the Fight! Relay Wrap Up

I am so proud to have walked this past weekend in the Relay for Life with Team All Night for the Fight!  Our Team Captain, Jeri was amazing and brought together an amazing team who earned nearly $9000!!!!  I am also happy to say that […]

Relay for Life 2012!!

TODAY IS THE DAY!  Today our team, All Night for the Fight walks the Relay for Life!  I am proud to say that as of the start of this Relay I have raised $1230 in the fight against Cancer!  I proud sit in second place of […]

Varsity Jump!

Last week was another proud Mom moment!   Tyler had his last home track meet and this time they had the right pads for the pole vault event so I could be there to watch (and of course take photos).  The coach was riding him about […]

The Zone

I have been doing some reading about…being in the "Zone".  There is a scientific study on this called being in "Flow".  Yep, this really exists.  Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling […]