Dare 2 Create DOWN UNDER!

Fresh back from Ministry of Mixology USA which I will share soon Andy Skinner and I are honored to have an article in Australia’s Australian Simply Cards! The wonderful and brilliant Marji interviewed us and just did an awesome job.  Andy and I are gearing […]

Check out the latest issues of Painting World Magazine

Make sure to check out the latest two issues of Painting World Magazine (August and October 2017).  I am always proud to write for such a great magazine…. In August you can check my article out about turning your Passion into a Profession: I am […]

My hummingbirds are back…Crazy Bird Lady

Speaking of Mother Nature…..crazy bird lady is back!  I am on a daily rotation of emptying my hummingbird feeder’s and even added a new one to the mix this year (thanks to Mary and Danielle!). There is just something about 15 of these birds dive […]

I’m Back and Taking In Nature

I am back…..back to blogging, writing, to life and art!  We had some adjusting to do with travel, work and kids going back to school. But yes they are off to 10th grade!  They have their driver’s permits now! I have returned from some big […]