Birthday Giveaway #8 – DecoArt

I am sorry for the break in my BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS!  I have been busy painting!  I am happy to say the GIVEAWAYS are continuing and in honor of going to the Society of Decorative Painters International Show in San Diego for DecoArt Next week I am doing another DecoArt Giveaway.  I am also extending my giveaways into June in order to give myself some time to announce the winners!  I will make sure to start announcing those!

May has been one heck of a month and I am excited to ring in June!  It’s been a great year and a massive thank you to ALL the amazing sponsors!  And special thanks to all of you for visiting and playing along.  This prize is another DeocoArt Media Starter KIT:

decoartstarterkit prize


Regular readers know I am pretty much obsessed with DecoArt product and the paints in the Media line are truly amazing to work with – the vibrant pigment gives you so many creative options.


You can catch this project in Interactive Artist Magazine this month, June 2016 including a Video Lesson:


I’m sharing this giveaway in my Facebook Group so go there and leave a comment on why you wish to win this kit and the product(s) you are most excited about.  If you are not a member just ask to join up!  We’ll be happy to have you.

Please also visit DecoArt Media’s Facebook page: and drop them some love from me!  So much inspiration on the Decoart Media Blog:


I know you love DecoArt already, right?  But show them your extra special happy with them today!

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19 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway #8 – DecoArt

  1. I also love DecoArt! I would not be able to add such beautiful color and texture to my creations without DecoArt products!! They have something for everyone and their color variety is the best around!
    I have requested to join your FB group and once approved I will be a commenting fool! LOL Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  2. Would SO love to win the starter kit…why–because I don’t have any DecoArt products yet so it would actually be a starter kit for me!!!! As always, thanks for doing all these giveaways for us!

  3. Left you a couple of comments on your Facebook page. Hope you see them. Visited the DecoArt page. Congratulations on your magazine article and wishing you much fun and safe travels on your trips. Very exciting. Sounds like you had a great birthday month. Mine is June 6, and nothing exciting expected. Just a year older, 69. Wonder how that happened. Winning with DecoArt would notch it up and I would love to try their whole line for mixed media. It will be great for anyone who wins. Good luck to all.

  4. I love DecoArt, but don’t have many of the “other” stuff beyond paint. I’m very curious to try them. Looks like a great set.

  5. I love the whole Deco art line , the media line is my new fave. So much to play with so many new ideas !! Thanks Tracy for all your great techniques . Thanks Deco art for all your yummy products.

  6. Well for one, I love DecoArts and you can NEVER have too many of their products. Secondly, unless I’m going out of town and can spend some time at craft store while I’m out, my choices are limited. The stores here don’t stock a big selection so I usually end up ordering online. It would be nice to try some things I haven’t used before and see what works for me.

  7. Would love to have the opportunity to work with these amazing items! I’ve been following what you have posted and would love to try some of your ideas! TY!!!

  8. Painting and creating is gives me such freedom! I love the ideas you share in your classes and in person when I have had the privilege to meet you years ago at CHA. Am always wanting to paint more and this would give me more inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win this!!

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