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I am back after two shows back-to-back for DecoArt and want to share some of my adventures with you.  Creative Painting was in Las Vegas and it was three-full days of demonstrations and all-things DecoArt!


Here is the Decoart Team – Doxie, Tracy and Sandy:


Stay tuned in June for a new video with Interactive Artist Magazine coming out:


Here is some of the fun from the show…..thanks to all who stopped by!

So much art shared with so many!

Creative 5

I am happy to say that I a little downtime one evening after setup where I was able to catch up with friends, see the art of Vegas,  and I took myself out to see Jersey Boys one evening.  I absolutely LOVED that show!  Sometimes you just need to take yourself out to refresh and refuel creatively!  I love when I make time for me, see the things I love to see and I discovered you can get great seats when you buy just one!

and then Friday evening it was straight to Houston, TX for NAMTA…..


Be your own experiment.  Be your own work of art.   Be a work in progress.  And be OK with it.”

2 thoughts on “Creative Painting 2016 – DecoArt

  1. Thank you for your photos of Las Vegas…..Looks like an interesting show.. As a 92 year oldie (really!) I enjoyed your new mixed media. So does my 8 year old great granddaughter. I am hoping she has inherited some of my painting skills. On seeing your pix she commented “I can paint like that!” and she can. I have promised to teach her some decorative painting skills when she is ten(if I am here). It seems Deco Art has given up on us older painters but I believe they owe us something for sticking with them since the demise of Ceramcoat. I do hope they advance their painting programs to bring back painting other than first grade painting or at least offer something other than what they are now promoting. I understand it is to sell paint, etc. Guess it all goes back to the buck!!!!! Again, I have nothing against mixed media. It’s very attractive. I can remember doing things like that before I went to high school on newspaper and the sidewalk! Looks about the same as it did then.

    • Ruthann, DecoArt is a huge supporter of Decorative painters today. I am proud to work with so many of you and learn as I go. My style is not for everyone but it is approachable for so many who just want to be creative. Mixed Media is another creative outlet as decorative painting. There is a place for both and wonderful when the two skill sets are combined. I love that at 92 you share this with your granddaughter as I shared my creative gene from my grandmother who was with me until she was 98.5 years old. Such a gift. I hope you pass your decorative painting skills to her.

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