Dare to Create 3 – Andy Skinner and Tracy Weinzapfel Finished Pieces!

Andy Skinner and I are excited to share our completed pieces for Dare to Create 3!   I decided to take the numerous suggestions to attempt the master of  flowers Georgia O’Keeffe.  This is kind of like a singer deciding to sing Celine or Whitney Houston because you know it will be nowhere near be like the original but I am please find discover Tracy O’Keefe’s and take on her famous Tiger Lilly……..Dare3

Her words resonated with me on this page.  Here are all the materials I used to bring the page alive!

MATERIALS LIST:  (DecoArt Products can be purchased online HERE)


Here is a time-lapse of my creative process HERE….

This was my favorite Dare to Create Challenge to date!  It really made me dig deep and get out of my creative mojo funk.  Plus it was fun to learn more about an artist I greatly admire.  Take it away Andy…..


My inspiration came from Israeli born artist Dganit Blechner, I’m sure many of you would not have heard of her but you can check her work out here http://www.dganit-blechner.com/

charlie c web frame


My time lapse video HERE:

It would be too much to try and include the instructions for the image transfer on a time lapse video so here are the links to a couple of video tutorials on my process.

Image Transfer Media Matte Medium   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z065ROP4Pi0

Image Transfer opacity and colouring  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtMb7MvEuOY


These challenges are great fun and do take up a lot of our time,  so we hope you enjoy.  As always, huge thanks to Decoart for providing yet another fantastic giveaway!



Stay tuned for us to announce the winner of our Dare to Create 3 Decoart Prize. There is still time to enter HERE: https://tracyweinzapfelstudios.com/artcraftingscrapbooking/dare-to-create-part-3-artist-inspired/ 

Tracy - Andy 2 Giveaway_June2015_

THANK YOU all for joining in the fun with us!  We want to hear your suggestions for Dare to Create 4!  But we need a recovery time from this one!

9 thoughts on “Dare to Create 3 – Andy Skinner and Tracy Weinzapfel Finished Pieces!

  1. Both of these are gorgeous! These collaborations just keep getting better. I love what both of you have created.
    How about pushing yourselves with a monochrome theme for the next one?
    Thanks for sharing these with us Karen

  2. FABULOUS – both projects are so GREAT and most of all… loved the anticipation – the waiting – the wondering for all this time WHAT the FINISHED projects would look like. You didn’t disappoint – you both did INCREDIBLE!!! Loved all the fun – the posts – and YOU both! Hugs. j.

  3. Both amazing projects. Tracy I thought you were going to get paint in that camara lol. I have learned so much from the two of you and your both inspiring. Keep up these Dares. Love them. Great into on the video and videography.

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