DecoArt Patent Leather Paint – Old Belt made New

I have been playing with some of DecoArt’s new 2017 products.  I tried out the new Leather Paint and made this old belt like NEW!  I picked up from the local thrift show for $1.79 and liked the engraving….



Super easy project to fun-up this belt!


Just a little fun from the Studio!  I will be at the Society of Decorative Painters Show next month demonstrating this fun paint!

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10 thoughts on “DecoArt Patent Leather Paint – Old Belt made New

  1. Sure hope you have some loops that it will fit for the SDP show!! It would be so fun to demo and point to your belt – ehehehehehe!!! Everyone would be going to look for belts to paint. HEADLINES: Totally Tracy Weinzapfel in town…. there’s a run on leather belts. Sold out all over town!!!

    You totally transformed that belt and it’s GORGEOUS. Looks like so much fun!!! It’s just WONDERFUL! Xj.

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