DecoArt Mixed Media HAUNTS Challenge

Welcome to the DecoArt Mixed Media Haunts Challenge!

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Details are shared HERE on how you can participate!:

I will admit that I don’t do Halloween projects.  However, when the DecoArt Mixed Media Challenge was put before me I decided this was the perfect opportunity to get into the spirit of the season and embrace all things dark embrace my love for Day of the Dead.  Of course I had to make it my own and so thrilled I did.  So the challenge has been set and here is the wood piece that I created:




Here are the step out photos and instructions to create this piece:

  1. Prime wood panel with DecoArt Media Gesso (White) and DecoArt Chalky Finish (Relic)
  2. Apply DecoArt Crackle Paste with palette knife
  3. Apply DecoArt Fluid Acrylics (Green Gold, Dioxazine Purple, Cobalt Teal Hue and Cobalt Turquiose Hue)
  4. Make custom rub on with Grafix Rub Onz Transfer Film and apply to panel
  5. Apply DecoArt Media Matte Medium over transfer
  6. Apply DecoArt Fluid Acrylics to color in pattern
  7. Paint or stamp on spider webs with DecoArt Fluid Acrylics (Carbon Black) and Distress and Darken Edges (Paynes Grey & Prussian Blue Hue)
  8. Apply Stencil with DecoArt Modeling Paste (Black)

Day3 Day4

It was fun to give it my own personal take and enjoy the layering  process.  The devil was in the details seeing this come to life…


I have to say I LOVE THIS project and goes to show you that you never stop learning and do not be afraid to challenge YOURSELF!  Thanks DecoArt Media for the challenge and the awesome Media line to force me to create out my flower box. Stay tuned for more haunted projects from the entire DecoArt Media Design Team and if you have not visited our blog please click HERE

I swear if they set a Christmas challenge I am running……..

Happiness lives in all the small things. Subtract the obvious so you can see the meaningful.  Rediscover the sensitivity of your childhood eyes.  The eyes that saw life as it is – a beautiful compilation of tiny lives, each lived one at a time like snapshots in a family photo album.  That saw beauty in flowers and rainbows and wild animals.  That marveled at fireflies and sunsets and starry nights.  That let you dream every instant with your eyes wide open.”

10 thoughts on “DecoArt Mixed Media HAUNTS Challenge

  1. Heheheh – love her. So fun. The colors are TERRIFIC because they don’t just scream Halloween so I like it much more. No flower – how crazy is that!!! I like it. Can’t think of any flower that would work except a black one – eheheheh!!! YOU DID SUPER FINE Tracy. Fair warning though – I will laugh way hard when I see your Christmas one! You know the old addage – you can run but you can’t hide!!! j.

  2. Yes – I admit – I’m a bit prejudiced but your little gal is my favorite of all the projects Tracy. However – there are some really great projects from all of you designers/educators. Loved seeing them all. Such great inspirations. I am definitely going to paint something up for this challenge!!! j.

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