My new custom painted wine rack!

Finally something I can embrace and love painting!  I picked up this little find at the Salvation Army and it had an original World Market price tag of $49.99.  I got this for $13 and what a great piece to refinish!


I took this from drab to fab in two easy steps!


Here are the steps and products I used..


Use fine sweeping motions in all directions to create that metallic look (I also found it helps if you drink wine during the creative process on this one).  Let me tell you there is nothing more metallic on the market than these paints!  I love them!


I am really happy with my new $13 wine rack which I will have on hand at the Society of Decorative Painters Show in June!  Now all I need to do is fill this baby up.


Can you tell I am kind of thrilled with this weekend’s time in the Studio!



The secret to happiness is not always in doing what you like, but in mindfully liking whatever you do.  Be present with each step, do your very best, and let go of the rest.  There is always, always, always some reason to be grateful and some interesting lesson to learn along the way.”

24 thoughts on “My new custom painted wine rack!

  1. I really wish that I could find stuff like this at our Salvation Army but they don’t have a very good selection and what they do have is either broken (beyond repair) or out of my budget! I think they must feel that I am a stalker because I am there so much! LOL One day I will find something that I can be inspired by!!! Thanks for sharing this lovely find! You did an amazing job redoing it!

    • Barb, I am not a self-proclaimed DIY’er but when duty calls for work I have been so lucky. This was a true find and something I can use! Keep at it! More to come and thanks for your sweet comment!

  2. I have two boxes of tole painting patterns – in book form like
    they came back-in-the-day. I was wondering if there is a place
    that is interested in these books. Any ideas?

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