Glass Painting at Pamo Valley Winery!

What an amazing way to spend my Sunday………with these lovely ladies painting glass at Pamo Valley Winery!


It was a full house today for some glass painting with DecoArt Multi Surface Satin and DecoArt Glass Paint Markers.  Everyone came up with such amazing projects and what a fun group!

Pamo02 Pamo03



Special thanks to Jennifer for the fabulous wine and perfect location for a rainy Sunday!  I really can think of no better way to spend my Sunday then doing  what I love and having so much fun doing it!


I leave you with this slide show of our afternoon HERE…….

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6 thoughts on “Glass Painting at Pamo Valley Winery!

  1. It was so much fun Tracy! A perfect day! Spending time with you and Danielle doing what i really love, the time goes so fast! Thank you for a wonderful day!

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