Gelli Arts® News & GIVEAWAY!

Well to say I have been busy since CHA has been an understatement but the Studio is back clean and I am back at videos and getting creative.  Now back to inspiring but I have a fun announcement I want to make here……..I have a new gig which I am excited to share as I loved the time I spent with Gelli Arts® at Creativations Show!

I came home so motivated that I have been Print Making fun new backgrounds and now get to be part of something even greater!  I want to know how addicted you are to Gelli Arts®!  I will be working with this great company and stay tuned for more on that!  In the meantime I thought I would share the Gelli Arts® Love and give away a mini prize bundle to get your creativity jump started.  Just leave a comment below if you want more information or want to play along with me!  What techniques do you love and/or want to see?  That should get you ready to play along with me!  We will be using them on Mixed Media Monday!

Want to place an order……..Upon check out use Code TracyW for 10% all orders at  (STAY TUNED FOR THE OFFICIAL DESIGN TEAM CALL!)

Here are just a few pages of my latest pages in my NEW art journal that I have done which I started with my Gelli Arts® Plates (videos to come!):

Mixed Media Monday’S are coming back and I have loved all the emails and messages I have gotten that you missed it.  Sometimes you forget the impact you make and to be reminded of that means the world to me.  I will share more from these pages as I have been taking lots of videos of the creative process to jump start us all!

Love exactly what’s in front of you. – Love what you do, until you can do what you love.  Love where you are, until you can be where you love.  And above all, love the people you are with, until you can be with the people you love most.  Fewer judgments, less resistance, more love… in this hour, and the next.  That’s the way we find happiness, opportunity and peace in even the most mundane situations.”

132 thoughts on “Gelli Arts® News & GIVEAWAY!

  1. My daughter and I got to play with these a bit at a local art class and she absolutely loved them! Would be great to have one of our own to experiment with more 🙂

  2. I love Gelli Plates! I am interested in how to utilize my prints in mixed media projects! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Congratulations on your newest creative venture!

  3. Congratulations. I do miss seeing you this year, but I am so happy that I got to see you in person for the past 3 years. Best wishes with your new opportunity with Gelli Arts, I love the product and need to use mine more. Love to you.

  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these Gelli plates. I’m definitely going to place a order! So hopefully I get them before u use them on MMM!
    Love the the prints you’ve made and it’s inspiring!

  5. Congrats on the new gig! I love printmaking and have a boat load of painted papers piled up 🙂 I use them to make journals, collage, or paint on top of for wall art. I’m excited to learn more about it from you, Tracy!

  6. I’m very interested in Gelli Arts but I have not made the commitment. I bet you will inspire me to jump in with both feet…LOL

  7. It seems to me a lot of fun to play with the Gelli Plate. I would love to have more info and to be included in the Giveaway.

  8. These look like they are so much fun! I love the vibrant colors. Makes me want to get my fingers inky too! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Looking forward to seeing all your fab projects with these!!

  9. Excited to see another artist’s creativity with the gelli plate…seeing a new perspective is always good…

  10. I love your pages. They’re beautiful, very colorful. I would like to see techniques with different Tools to make designs with the paint to make pages. Thanks for the chance.

  11. Awesome news!!! You have done lovely vibrant creations! It will be SUPER to watch you “play” again and with a few new twists! Happy to see this post come up Tracy – made my day! Xj.

  12. I’d like to learn more about how different types of paints can be used on the plate…why I’d use a type of paint for a certain effect, etc. THANKS!

  13. Congrats on the new collaboration! I love playing with my Gelli Plate, but I’m definitely a novice, so looking forward to seeing more tips/techniques!

  14. I have a had a Gelli plate for a few years, but I have not used it in a while. I never know what to do with the prints after I make them. I would love to see how you use the plate to make completed art journal pages.

  15. Really interested in the Gelli plate process. Think your talent will be a match made in heaven. Can’t wait to see what amazing things you will do.

  16. Please include me in the give-a-way. I watch all of the demos on the Gelli pad, including their demos, hoping to someday get one and be ahead of the game. I never tire of them as everyone is different. I would like to be able to use them in backgrounds and collage.

  17. I miss you, my friend. Anything that makes me get back into art and Tracy time would be awesome!!!!! Life is getting better and I’m thankful!

  18. I keep seeing such amazing prints from Gel Plates but I have yet to be brave enough to try it myself. I’d love to know more and get inspired to try it out.

  19. I just gave a demo at our quilt guild on using gelli plates with fabric. I would love to try their paints. I just used craft paint.

  20. Can’t wait to see what you do with Gelli prints! I have several Gelli plates but have not used their paints.

  21. I’ve been making prints like crazy! I live the process, the colors and the infinite possibilities of Gelli printing. I got my sister hooked too! Thank you!

  22. I’m looking forward to being inspired by all your creativity, Tracy! I love my Gelli plates and would love to try the paints that are made especially for them. And who wouldn’t love to win another jelly plate? Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Oh I am so glad you are back and a NewGig!! No one can ever accuse you of staying stagnant or growing moss under your feet! Lol
    I love the new energy in your “voice”, in your post, love to read the excitment, and that you share that with all of us!
    I miss you my friend!
    Let me know if you need my help with anything. I’m here for you!

  24. That is awesome news Tracy!!! I have been wanting to try gelli prints for a while now. Still havent been able to afford to do so. I would love more information and to see beginner tutorials how to incorporate them with mixed media. Thanks for the chance to win!! Would love to join in the fun.

  25. I love Gelli printing. I love that you can use so many every day items for texture. It has been awhile but I plan to work on it again soon. Would love any and all videos on Gelli printing that you care to share.

  26. I am a newbie, just learning about gelli prints from a local art store. Would love to win the giveaway and get started on some seriously fun mixed media fun!!

  27. I love gelli plate art!!! I only have a couple of sizes, but they are such fun to use. I love using stencils with mine. It looks like you may have painted a picture over top of your prints- that is a great idea! I can’t wait to see more!!! Glad you’re back. I have missed you.

  28. So thrilled MMM are coming back. Would love to see how stencil s are used with gelli plates and the best way to layer colors. Would love to win that fabulous giveaway.

  29. Your prints are so vibrant and fun! I look forward to seeing some of your techniques regarding color combos and how you layer to keep the colors bright!

  30. Gelli printing is the best way(I feel) to make backgrounds – so easy, each one comes out different;y, quick and you can use the gelli plate over and over – what a saving. Combines with your fabulous bright art work is a match made in heaven! Thank you so much for the chance to win and can’ wait to see what you create. Will be watching and waiting (not in a stalker type mode).

  31. I’m excited to see what you do on MMM! I am so prone to using same colors all the time, yet I love the results I see others get with colors I don’t reach for. Might be time to hide some paints?

  32. LOVE my Gelli plates! ( of course I have 2!)
    Mine are both large ones. I primarily used them for making backgrounds.
    I have been eyeing the little ones! But there are a lot of them!
    So glad that you are getting involved with them! ????????????????????

  33. Oh great! So glad for mixed media mondays. Your gelli pages look like hello prints i would love to learn. The colors are beautiful!! Thanks.

  34. Sounds like Gelli printing is just perfect for me as I have had macular degeneration of my right eye for the last three years and have almost given up painting because of the strain, Just point the way and I will faithfully follow your guiding light and all the beautiful bright colors I still can enjoy.

  35. I love your prints. I want to learn everything I can on techniques, especially how to achieve depth with out it looking a mess. Layering is what I’m trying to say. Thank you so much for your continued inspirations. And thank you for the chance to win.

  36. I would love to know more about how to use a Gelli Plate, Thanks Tracy, for all those wonderful ideas with the bright colors you have. They just cheer you up 🙂

  37. I watch the videos for making prints all the time (yup, video junkie here). I can’t wait to see yours. I am practicing layering and would really love to see what you create with that method. I have a large plate, but wanna try smaller as well. I am so happy you are working with this company and they are lucky to have you on their team!!!!

  38. I just started using my gelli plate again. I love it. I would like to see what pens, markers and pencils work best on top of the paint.

  39. I love the techniques I have seen on you-tube was so happy to see that you can use a glass plate. As I can’t waite to try so any technique is great but I do love the stencil method

  40. I haven’t tried a Gelli Plate yet, so some tips for beginners would be great! Looks like a lot of fun. I make cards and ATCs so I am thinking of background ideas!

  41. Tracy you always get me inspired. I have tried using my cuttlebug plates, and a rolling pin ith quite good results, it is amazing hat you can come up with when on a DSP..

  42. I LOVE Gelliplates. They have got me producing work like never before. I had TONS of prints and wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, so I have started putting a “Daily Print” on IG and love the unexpected direction my work has taken. I am an art teacher and use Gelliplates in my classroom. My fourth graders love them—-the techniques is so accessible for all ages and abilities. I also teach a summer intensive class to students: Gelliplates are always a HUGE part of my course. I’d love to see more BIG work, ways to use more mixed media and experiments with different types of paint! And of course I’d love to win the giveaway so I can give my students more ways to use Gelliplates!

  43. I’d like to see different papers compared, with suggestions on how to use the finished prints. Deli paper, copy paper, printmaking paper, cardstock… Thank you!

  44. I just found your site and I am excited to see some of your videos, and to learn more about using my gelli plate!

  45. I would love to win gelli plate. I am just learning about the use of them. I will be waiting to see your wonderful techniques using the gelli plates.

  46. I would like to see a comparison of gelli printing on different papers and how to use them. Eg Deli paper, copy paper, printmaking paper and cardstock. Thank you!

  47. I love my Gelli plates!! I’ve got an 8×10 and the small shapes package. I’ve got several sheets using different designs, but don’t really have a grasp on how to make them beautiful and usable. I’ve certainly watched plenty of videos, but I just haven’t made a connection yet. Hoping to change that.

  48. I would love to know more about color combinations and how to use them in my art. Looking forward to watching!

  49. I have a 6×6 helli plate but cant seem to getthe hang of it. Would be awesome to see you use stencils with it. And I can’t wait for mixed media mondays! Will ne nice to watch while Im feeding the baby.

  50. I haven’t really tried this yet, it looks very interesting and might be something I would like to give a try and incorporate into my painting projects. those samples are lovely and inspiring.

  51. I would love more info….am just seeing bits & pieces about Gelli plates. They look like something I would really get into. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  52. I’d LOVE to play along with you and my gelli plate. I really want a round, little plate to use also, but enjoy what I have. Love working along with artists and video’s – can’t wait to see what you do with us.

  53. I would love to try gelli plates and create beautiful artwork , I get inspired when I see all the talented artists using different media it’s amazing

  54. Glad to see your back on Mondays Tracy! Love using my Gelli plates and stencils. Saw the idea of using eyelash yarn and I’m intrigued! Can’t wait to play! Take care and will see you soon!

  55. A friend and I have been playing with my Gelli plate and we love it. We’ve been using it to make backgrounds for cards. Would love to see all the different media you can use, specifically, inks, paints, stamp pads, oxide, distress, and decoart paint colors. I also struggle with taking advantage of stencils. Do thin ones work better than thick? I love my thick stencils for texture paste, but not figured out how to accommodate the thicker stencils with Gelli plates.

    • I see that Gelli Arts is including paint, that is exciting as I didn’t know they have created a paint this is probably developed specifically for the Gelli plate. I’ll be looking for that paint!

  56. Hi Tracy, I am so excited that you are with Gelli Arts. I have been wanting to try this, but have been hesitant. Since you are teaching it now and I always learn so much from you I am now ready!

  57. I have used a Gelli plate, but it’s been years. Love the new smaller size. So many possibilities and so much easier to clean up. I would love to win and play with this set.
    Looking forward to your Monday painting sessions. Hang in there with your walking program, I am doing the same and feeling the benefits.

  58. Hi Tracy. 🙂 It is nice to hear you will be back for MMM. I have recently started using the Geli Plate and I really like it so far. I used stencils with it along with DecoArts Paints. I would very much like to Learn some new techniques with the printing plates that I have not tried yet. I would like to personally meet you in person so you can demonstrate some new and exciting techniques to me. Well, I think you being live on MMM is pretty close to meeting you in person. ???? Thank you for the chance to win!! 🙂 ❤

  59. I just love my Gelli Plate and surprise myself with what comes out almost every time!! It was good to see you back in the groove last night. I can’t wait to stalk, I mean follow you on this path!!

  60. These are so awesome! While I’ve done a few Gelli plate printing in the past with some local gals, I’d love to do more of the layering and use some of the different tools. Just subscribed to your YouTube channel. Can’t wait to see what I can add to my toolbox.

  61. Millions of ways to be creative with Gelli plates! Some of my faves are using stencils, corrugated cardboard, stamping, laces, and so much more!!!

  62. I would love to play along . I have had grandkids play with homemade jelli plate they loved it. It’s really kid friendly too !

  63. Loving all your beautiful creations with the gelli plate! I’ve been thinking about getting one for my granddaughter and I for our weekly craft sessions. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  64. I don’t know if your Gelli Arts giveaway is still going on, but if it is I would love to be entered for a chance to win! Gelli Plate printing is so cool looking. I am so new to mixed media artwork that I want to learn all the techniques you have to teach! I’m looking forward to Mixed Media Mondays and checking out your YouTube channel!

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