TWO NEW Totally Tracy Stamps – GIVEAWAY

Two NEW TOTALLY TRACY stamps have arrived just in time for  Christmas!  Order today and they SHIP ASAP!!!  Save 10% on all orders to November 3oth!

Holly Christmas TT18022! – ORDER HERE

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Leave a comment below with your favorite Christmas traditions for a chance to win TWO sets of my stamps (your choice…excludes Christmas!).

To look for the blessings hidden in every struggle we face, and be willing to open our hearts and minds to them.”

30 thoughts on “TWO NEW Totally Tracy Stamps – GIVEAWAY

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh – these are SUPER FINE Tracy. So upbeat and happy. My favorite is the big holly leaf with the swirled stem.
    CONGRATULATIONS. Love it when you add to your repertoire!!! Great way to start the holidays 🙂 Xj.

  2. These stamps are wonderful!
    My favorite tradition…..Mom & dad had a set of ornaments that are like balls of tinsel. Now I have them. The tradition I started with my kids was to get the tree all decorated with everything except those balls. When all else is done we will all pick a color, 4 balls each, and we will throw them at the tree! Yes, I said “throw”! LOL We only rethrow if it falls off the tree or two land on top of each other. So much fun and my grown children still love it! I wish they still sold them, I’d buy them for my grandchildren to throw on their own trees!

  3. Oh they are so perfect. I love that they are not like all of the other Christmas stamps out there. One of my favorite traditions is my husband and I have our own Christmas. On Christmas Eve when everything is done, we will settle down and exchange gifts. It’s so special that we can enjoy this quiet Lil celebration together.

  4. Super pretty new designs! My family’s favorite tradition, because it’s one that the “kids” will never outgrow, is cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!

    • Forgot favorite traditions. We have many – chopping down the perfect tree, dated ornaments, pics with Santa, stockings with lottery tickets. It is more difficult as the kids are older and married but now I can start many of these with my granddaughter!!

  5. My favorite Christmas tradition, is making and decorating Christmas cookies with my sons. We started the tradition when my boys were small, now they are 23 and 28 and still decorate cookies with me!!!

  6. When my nieces and nephews were little my sister couldn’t afford to do much for Christmas so my husband and I would go to my sister’s house after they’d gone to bed and take over a bunch of presents to put under their tree. Then we’d jingle Santa bells while we were leaving in case anyone woke up during our delivery. Now that they’re grown and moved away we have a quiet, snuggly Christmas and try to find peace in the madness.

  7. It’s not Christmas until I’ve seen my favorite holiday movie, White Christmas! Watch it every year, as many times that I can! I even had my son watching it me, last Christmas!

  8. Our favorite tradition is family cookie frosting day when everyone from 2 to 92 gets together to decorate cookies and share stories of Christmas’ past

  9. My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas breakfast: scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, cardamom coffee cake, and (now that all the kids are grown) mimosas.

  10. How fun!! Congrats.
    My dad the Grinch would get excited about finding houses with lights on them as we drove through the city (we lived the the country) When he would see a neighborhood with lots of lights he would exit the freeway to find them. These were usually houses that just had the lights around the roof…. that is how old I am. Starting when my son was little, I would pick him up from daycare and then we would take different routes home to find the lights. We still do this a few nights a week… even though he is a teenager.

  11. I love these Tracy! I think these will be appearing on my Christmas cards this year! 😀
    Each year I get the Girls and (and their Dad) a new Hallmark ornament, Danielle’s is the Crayola Kids and Nicole’s is the New Puppy, Guillermo get the Frosty Friends edition. And then they each get a new pair of flannel Christmas Pj’s! Lol…….wonder what my new Son-in-law would say if I got him a new pair of pj’s! Lol….think I’ll wait until I have grandkids some day before I add to that tradition! Haha!
    Happy Thanksgiving! <3

  12. Love these new stamps! My favorite family tradition is exchanging presents in the “Present Room” and watching Christmas movies together.

  13. Just gorgeous. Love them.
    Christmas tradition
    As a child I won a book award ‘the night before Xmas’, when I had my children I would read it every Xmas eve before they went to bed.
    We also have a Xmas carol ‘6 white boomers’ that we play. It’s about kangaroos pulling the sleigh and reference to it being summer in Australia.
    I also still leave a pressie from Santa for my children, 24 & 18.

  14. A Christmas tradition in our home is celebrating both Polish tradition on Christmas Eve( twelve meatless dishes), wishing each other health & prosperity for the new year to come, with a full blown Scottish breakfast on Christmas morning with haggis, square sausage, bangers with eggs and dumpling with family and whomever ends up spending the night.
    Your new stamps are perfect for this time of year and to have on hand in my stash!!

  15. Love these 2 new stamps!!!
    My favorite Christmas family traditions are Christmas Eve with the kids and grandkids. First is a spaghetti dinner then come the presents. It was fun to watch the little ones open their presents. As the grandkids got older the presents went to gift cards to their favorite store and a small something they wanted.

  16. Our Christmas tradition is that we always have hot chocolate and open one present per child on Christmas eve.
    I love your stamps.

  17. Congrats on the new stamps. They are awesome! A favorite tradition is singing with my four sisters at Christmas. And I can’t forget my favorite tradition (a relatively new one) of watching the movie Elf about 10 times between Thanksgiving and Christmas lol! (Vic says it drives him crazy but he always gets sucked in and watches with me ????)

  18. My favorite tradition is one that I took over after my father-in-law died. He always put a big, juicy orange at the bottom of everyone’s stocking. Believe it or not, everybody anxiously dig the rest of the treats out so they can get to that orange! For 2 years after we lost him no one did the oranges and I didn’t give it a thought till one day at a bbq I overheard my hubby saying that he really missed having that to look forward to. I made a mental note to myself to remember to do this from now on.
    That Christmas morning hubby was sitting on the couch with little interest in his stocking until my sons dug theirs out! All of a sudden hubby jumped up and grabbed his stocking as if it was his first Christmas! His eyes were shining and he had a HUGE grin on his face when he pulled out his orange!
    I will never forget that moment as long as I live! I have continued this tradition since then and am so glad to have given my husband a little bit of Christmas Spirit back!
    Love both of these stamp sets but my favorite is Holiday Magic because poinsettias are one of my two favorite flowers! I also really like the sentiments in that set! Congratulations to adding more fabulosity to your collection! ????✨ ????✨????✨????????

  19. Don’t do Christmas anymore. Parents are gone and I am 650 miles at least from all family. Youngest son, who is 38 is here with me. Neither of us are well and I am unable to travel anymore, so it is just us. No longer have tree or decorations. Lost all in divorce, so don’t really bother with anything except a few cards. I do think of all the happier times, especially when both parents were still here, and I could travel back home to spend holidays with all of the family. I have been moved away from them all for 25 years and haven’t seen any of them for 7 years at my mothers funeral. I have grand kids I haven’t seen. Amazing how time flies. I used to be able to go back at least twice a year, summer and Christmas. Miss those times, my mom and dad, and all of the rest.

  20. My family is 2100 miles away in the Detroit Michigan area. So each year, I create a village in my home. I have a 10 year old tree that my daughter gave me when I first moved to the Las Vegas area, over the years I have collected 3 small trees that are around the larger tree. Nov. 1st the trees go up and lights are lit (I love the lights, what can I say?). At night I turn on the trees and watch Christmas movies on Hallmark channel. On Nov. 14th (my birthday), I put ornaments on the tree and Santa arrives on Thanksgiving. This always makes me smile. Christmas morning I spend at church helping out where needed. Since I am alone, I fill in to that families can be together. Turkey wings cook in the slow cooker so that when I get home from church about 1 pm, I can finish cooking and eat dinner. Then I open gifts and call family. I love this time of the year and my christmas tradition.

  21. Now that my kids have grown and moved away (sad – the youngest, 21, just moved out a few months ago. It’s awful!) – it is time to create new traditions with just my hubby and I. We have decided that when we decorate the house, we will watch Elf the night before the decorating day. On the decorating day, we go and get some hot chocolate and the tree and come home and decorate away.
    When the kids are home, we have a tradition where on Christmas Eve, we go to Toledo, OH to the zoo where they have an awesome light display. Then we stop at McDonald’s on the way home, warm up with some hot chocolate, come home and have a pajama party and we all drag out mattresses out by the fire and fall asleep watching Christmas movies. I thought once they moved out, they would think that was silly – but they’ve all asked me if we are still planning on doing that this year!
    Anyway – just found your site and can’t wait to read through everything. Cool giveaway, even if I missed it 🙂 Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah – whichever you celebrate 🙂

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