Be True to You – Art Journal Re-Cap Part 1

I am sharing some of my latest pages from my beloved art journal.  My safe place and playground of ideas.

Some tips when you are working in your art journal:

  • trust yourself
  • know there are no mistakes.
  • allow your own voice to ring true as you create what speaks to you
  • be true to what you love.  You are your own unique artist.
  • paint as often as you can
  • let life and all it’s chaos fade away when you paint.

I’ve realized through my art that the way I paint  flowers is unique because I infuse my soul and my art reflects me.  That is not always easy to share. I am going to continue to share and do what inspires me.  In the hopes it inspires you too to do the same.  Here are just some of my latest pieces from my art journal that I hope speak to you!

My Aunt reminded me to “Go home to who you are”…………..and I have done that. These pages have been for me which I am excited to share……..


This next page I made my own hand torn 3-dimensional flowers….

Deli1 Flowers1

and I got so much into the texture that I kept going with it on this page….this is one of those pages you just have to feel it!

Magenta1 Magenta2

I hope you enjoyed this look in my Canson 9 X 12 Repositionable Art Journal.  Special thanks goes to Canson and DecoArt Media for helping me bring my art to LIFE.  Stay tuned for even more to come!

Changing the world – YOUR world – doesn’t require earth-shattering feats, but rather doing little things with great love.  Think simple, not spectacular.  For instance, the best portion of your life will likely be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with the people who matter to you.  So be present!  There are few joys in life that equal a good conversation, a good hug, a good smile, or a good friend.”

10 thoughts on “Be True to You – Art Journal Re-Cap Part 1

  1. Scrumptious texture!! I love adding textural elements to my projects because I love to run my hands over them and “feel” my work! TFS!

  2. Wow – all three are SPLENDID. I am personally taking the first one – a huge ORANGE flower – as a Monday morning EYE CANDY just for me – ehehehehheeh!!! It is – to me – totally INCREDIBLE. ADORE it.

    And the second one with your hand torn flowers is just AMAZING. Those flowers are FABULOUS and you can laugh now but those green petals are even more FABULOUS – love that you added them. Such GRAND TEXTURE in your flowers. And then I love the background flowers behind them. Such a need geometric display – like little bursts of sunshine or they also make me think of poofs of dandelion wild flowers blown off by the wind. You picked the perfect UNIQUELY INTRIGUING background flower for your handmade flowers.

    And the third one – dear me what STUPENDOUS TEXTURE everywhere you look. Love that your flowers are so small and dainty – PRECIOUS. Makes me think of when I was young – laying in the grass. Your scene is how it looked – the close flowers so tiny and dainty, all the tall grass around me and looking up into the colors of the sky and the sun.

    Thanks bunches for starting my week off SUPER FINE Tracy. Praying your week away is fun, rewarding and not too over tiring. j.

  3. These are all really awesome Tracy! On the third one, what did you use for the texture? Thanks so much! Love these!

  4. Absolutely beautiful.

    Love the rich vibrant colours & I adore the textured flowers.. Thank You so so much for sharing your art with us all x

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