Art Journal Re-Cap Part 2

I still have more to share from my Art Journal and as this book comes to a finish I already find myself missing this chapter of my life. This is my Canson 9 X 12 Repositionable Art Journal.  Special thanks goes to Canson and DecoArt Media for helping me bring my art to LIFE.

I have a few more pages to share!  And it is not all about just flowers.  This past few months has been one of change and growth.  With than comes changes in the heart, mind, and soul.  I think I captured that on this page…..


I have been playing with textures and new colors…… a painting scientist in a lab!


some backgrounds just remained as is and unfinished.  Can you guess which one I did the day Prince died?


More to come so stay tuned for Part 3!

When you are tired, weary, feeling weak and on shaky ground….that’s the most important time to remember your magnificence. You must do your best to stay in the truth…the truth that you were created for a wonderful purpose, that there is a plan for you, that you are a miraculous & beautiful creation…a masterpiece…..that you are not just a number…that after you were made, the mold was broken and there is NOT A SINGLE SOUL on the face of the earth who is just like you.” ~ Brave Girls

7 thoughts on “Art Journal Re-Cap Part 2

  1. Your heart is powerful Tracy. Hmmmm – guess that’s a statement that is VERY true in multiple ways – wow.

    What a great ‘laboratory’ page too. Very Andyish and definitely intriguingly lovely.

    And I really enjoy both of your ‘abstract’ pages – thinking that they look finished in their own way and folks just love that look these days – abstract and free!

    Hard to believe your Canson is finished. I remember when you did your first page and we wondered if the journal would be any good. So glad it was wonderful because I have enjoyed every single page you have done – for sure. j.

    • I am sad to see it come to a close! This chapter (which you have been a part of!) is coming to a quick close but there is that next one to be written (I mean painted!)

  2. Your stitched heart is awesome but the Gears play with textures BLOWS MY MIND! Absolutely magnificent! Then throw in the Prince inspired and orange/yellow/white one and my mind is totally gone! I am totally in love with ALL of these but my favorite is the Gears one! WOW! W OW! W O W ! ! TFS! Can’t wait to see where these go from here!

  3. Tracy… where do your wonderful quotes / inspirations at the end of your blog before your signature come from? I read all kinds and yours is always so unique!

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