Artful Play in the Art Journal…..

I got a new Canson 9 X 12 Journal I am trying out and the great thing about it is the pages come out and can go back in….

Canson1These pages I kind of did for me as art journaling exercises (kind of like working out those creative muscles at the gym!)…..



I took some shots as I went along…..


MATERIALS LIST:  (DecoArt Products can be purchased online HERE)


It is great to step back in the studio and get creative again. I have another page to share Monday too!  Starting a new journal is like starting on a new hiking trail……feels great to be back at both and planning on new Mixed Media Monday’s and Workshops with these!

Stay tuned for more!

Stop comparing your journey with everyone else’s.  Your journey is YOUR journey, NOT a competition.  You are in competition with one person and one person only – yourself.  You are competing to be the best you can be.  If you want to measure your progress, compare yourself to who you were yesterday.”

4 thoughts on “Artful Play in the Art Journal…..

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tracy – a dose of that background is just what I needed! Soooo gorgeous the way you blended all those luscious colors together into such a STUNNINGLY YUMMY background. Your background itself could have been a painting! But then your MARVELOUS flowers came along and truly made this a scene of BEAUTY to behold. Texture, drips, swirls, stamps, amazing colors and original drawing – all done with fab DecoArt by YOU… what more can a person ask for??? Not a thing – perfect way to start the weekend – chalk full of inspiration from you!! XXj.

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