Back to Reality

This week kids are back to school and sports.  So our lives are filled with practices and games.  Seems like it is very far and few between where we get a free night at home.  Tyler's team is having a rough season but he looks like he is having fun…..

TWB_9531 copy 
TWB_9543 copy

I have only photographed one of Joey's games due to some crazy weather conditions (rain, wet, cold) but I am determined to capture this weekend's game.

Joey manages to run off with his friends and play but Micky ususally hangs with me so I get moments with looks like this from her……..

TWB_9508 copy

You know what that look is?  "Mom, why did you have so many boys?  I blame you for all these games".  I hear ya girl…..Man I love that look. 

Busy weekend of gymnastics, baseball, baseball, band and choir! 

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