BADASS Art Journal 2017 Blog Hop & GIVEAWAY!

12/26/16 WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY:  Kathy Stacy!  Please send your email address to me at to claim your prize:



I am excited to share that I am part of the BADASS Art Journal 2017 team of Artists along with these fellow amazing Artists……


What does that mean?  Along with these 13 other amazing artists you will be able to sign up and get video lessons from each and every one of us!  You will be inspired to learn their secrets and techniques to expand and incorporate their styles into your art!

When I was asked to join the One Big Badass Art Journal 2017 by Tiara Smith and team I spent a lot of time thinking about what it meant to be a BadAss (and sorry for the language).  For me, it is the inner strength that we have to endure, expand and grow from life’s experiences.  As an Artist I have the honor of being able to share who I am, life’s experiences and more through my art.  I share this with the hope that it will inspire others to do the same. That means sharing parts of my soul and spirit on each and every project.  It is staying true to me sharing the good, the bad, and the no so pretty times.  Being BadAss is about standing back up when sometimes you want to sit it out.  It is about picking up that paint brush and being your authentic self!  Plus, I get the added bonus of sharing that along with my fellow Artists!


Now for the GIVEAWAY part!  I get to giveaway one ticket and all you need to do is LEAVE A COMMENT on this blog post on what it means to you to express your Inner BadAss.   How do you express that in your daily life, with your family/friends and in your art.  What does it mean to you?

Now how can you sign up? SIGN UP or tell me more.  Sign up and experience videos from myself and all the BadAss Artists.  I appreciate you clicking the link to sign up and am excited to share this new experience with you!
Click here to view more details

*****REGISTRATION OPENS NOW so what are you waiting for….. plus if you use the limited code URBADASS at checkout you can get an early bird 15% the cost of the course so what are you waiting for ???

Make sure to check out the blog posts from my fellow artists who will be bringing their awesome art your way as well!

  • Dec 5 – Tracy Scott
  • Dec 6 – Kiala Givehand
  • Dec 7 – Susanne Rose
  • Dec 8 – Tracy Weinzapfel
  • Dec 9 – Tamiko McCurry
  • Dec 10 – Effy Wild
  • Dec 11- Cristin Stephenson
  • Dec 12 – Sharon Harkness-Dobler
  • Dec 13- Andrea Gomoll
  • Dec 14 – Jennifer Albin
  • Dec 15 – Amanda Trought
  • Dec 16 – Keri Sallee
  • Dec 17 – Robin Mead
  • Dec 18 – Tiare Smith

Going to work on my BadAss project!

Be humble.  Be teachable.  The world is bigger than your view of the world.  There’s always room for a new perspective, a new step, a new possibility… a new beginning.”

39 thoughts on “BADASS Art Journal 2017 Blog Hop & GIVEAWAY!

  1. This is so awesome – signing up tomorrow – Badass to me is that inner strength you talked about – pulling up your big girl panties and getting on with it, even when you think you can’t

  2. Oh how I need to learn to unleash my inner BadAss! Being creative is the only way I stay sane, but I need help. I need to learn how to take it to the next level. Thanks for the opportunity Tracy. This workshop is on my wishlist!

  3. i think that i have an artist soul. sometimes i have a vision, a picture in my mind, and would like to create it. and i find it hard to express my visions.
    i do create, but i need to learn some techniques. i do mixed media, art journaling and, for me, it is an therapy, my world <3
    my daughter is a little creative soul to and i would love to teach her too, we "work" together sometimes and it feels my soul with joy

  4. What a delightful prize to have on offer.

    Badass to me is how it sounds, when I can unleash the part of me that for propriety’s sake I have to keep hidden. That bit of me that wants to let loose and rant and rave but it’s not fair to unload it on some poor unsuspecting soul so maybe it can come out in my creations instead…….. with a little bit of help of course.

  5. Great Line-up of Artists here. Thank you for this opportunity to win a ticket into this course.

    Badass to me means standing up for what you believe in but in a respectful way and helping others to stand up along side of you.

    Thank you.

  6. To all of you BA Artists:

    I like the concept and learning from you all but I hate the name you have given to yourselves and hope you will change this. I am not a “goody two shoe” person but I think using uplifted language and good grammar and no swear or vulgar words adds “class” to any part of an organization. I understand that we are separated by 3-4 generations in age and things do change in 80 years…..but give in some thought. It is better to be cute and clever in naming your group than
    to be vulgar. Keep coming up with good ideas….I admire your work….doxie keller

    • I have to say Doxie in being honest that I dislike it too and I stated that. I stand behind the meaning but not the word and would not be my choice. I appreciate and respect your opinion and agree. I am honored to be a part of this with fellow artists and if had the choice I did not and would not name it using any language that can offend. Beyond my control but I do respect your opinion.

  7. Being Badass for me is picking up those brushes and paint, in spite of Eric wanting me to do other things. I need to paint, I need to sit and find what comes to me. I need to makeup for lost time and enjoy the process. Time is what is limited, art knows no time and being Badass is finding it, using it, enjoying it.

  8. I think being a badass means no fear. Just doing it and going for it. I often come to the page afraid that I will make a mistake and not create something beautiful, but I know that’s not what it’s about. I’d like to be more of a badass. Yeah – thanks for the chance to win. I shared on FB Timeline

  9. This looks like a fabulous class! Being badass for me means standing up for myself through my art and expressing my beliefs and my concerns. Not allowing anyone to limit what I say or how I express myself.

  10. Oh my heck… I was excited to see you in the line up of teachers for this class. I struggle with the purpose of art journaling (mainly because it uses supplies and they don’t come by easily), but have jumped in lately to give it an honest try. I would love to feel the same satsfaction that others feel when creating in their journals.

  11. Just found out about this as I was on a workshop with Tracy Scott yesterday…cant wait to sign up. Should be a great way ro kick start the years creativity. 🙂

  12. To me this is a tough question, because I gather I spend a lot of time being nice to people. I suppose it could just mean my inner strength, which is just being tested over and over these days. I have convictions I want to live by and sometimes I need to express a tougher part of me to get across to people that I’m serious. I’ve only just worked out yesterday that my word for the coming year is strength, so this course would go well with that.

  13. I missed your Ministry of Mixology in Chicago, having to back out at last minute for health reasons. This would be WONDERFUL to win a spot on this. I definitely need some support to let my B.A. out!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. This looks amazing. Not exactly badass but gives me satisfaction and feeds the soul: always try to leave someone a little better than when you found them. No matter what’s happening in my own life. A smile, a quick compliment or word of support can change someone’s day. It’s easy and it’s free and it lifts me up so I feel like doing the things for me. The things that make me happy and content.

  15. I don’t have to think much about being a bad ass. I coined the name from the time I was in an horrific motorcycle accident to now when I roll myself around in my wheelchair. When I was in the hospital they told me I’d never walk again. I was a professional dancer at the time and the thought of never dancing again overcame me with so much emotion I was in a depression for three years. I finally got mad and hired myself a physical therapist and walked, no ran for almost 18 years! I needed a creative outlet bad. I was not used to not expressing myself. I turned to the world of art. I learned, I stayed up all night and painted.. I did what it took to get to the point now where I sell my artwork, Yes I am the original bad ass in my eyes as I conquered adversity when I turned to the world of art. It is now my passion, my heart and my love. (Just as dance once was) I am back in the wheelchair but with a whole new attitude. Pain is my motivator. I work through the pain daily doing my art until I come out the other end thoroughly drained and ready to do it all over again.I have no family but my sister and my husband and I try to express to them my Passion for life in everything I do. Yes I am a Bad Ass! I would love love to take this workshop

  16. Being a badass to me means having the courage to get outside your comfort zone and play to learn more about yourself and being able to put this knowledge to a positive use daily. Thanks for the chance to win a spot with this group.

  17. I don’t know what badass means.
    I think it has to do with standing up for yourself, show who you are, in various ways, including: Art Journaling, painting, singing.
    I’m not always standing up for myself. I’m scared for how people think about me and my work (Art) That I’m not good enough!
    I want to learn that I can be happy with who I am and what I can do!

    (I have used a translation program so I hope you understand everything. I’m from the Netherlands)

  18. My inner BadAss is my driving force. It is the strength, the determination and even the tears it takes to follow my passion, my beliefs and the goals I set for myself. Life and illness has its way of trying to keep one down, but getting back up, no matter how many times one may fall shows great inner BadAssery.

    A BadAss isn’t mean and isn’t even a rebel in most cases. To me, the most BadAss women I know are the ones who support other women rather than tearing them down. A true BadAss not only supports others, but lifts them in mind and soul so that all may achieve their greatest dreams.

    Being able to express my inner BadAss is the most exhilarating thing in life as well as the most freeing things I have ever done. It takes both vulnerability and bravery (plus a little craziness on the side) to put oneself out there, raw and real, into the world. I try to be a BadAss in life by pursuing my dreams even though most say I will fail. I am honest with myself and others. I try to learn something new everyday (especially when it comes to art techniques) and I do my best to be supportive of those around me. I celebrate the small successes and am always grateful when something fabulous happens (a BadAss must be thankful too). I could never have started my BadAss journey without the love and support of my husband who truly knows me and knows what I need and want.

    Tracy, you are one BA woman! I thank you for always putting yourself out there for others, for responding to the multitude of emails I’ve sent over the last few months, and for being generous, kind and supportive despite having a ton on your plate and massive sleep deprivation. You are an inspiration to me and many others. Keep being you. You rock! Thanks for the opportunity to share my views and for the chance of winning a spot on this journey, although I will probably just sign up for it regardless. If the other women are half as inspiring as you, this will be one heck of a BA event!

  19. I’ve lost my inner BadAss. It is buried under responsibilities, medical issues, caregiving. I really want to find it again, pull it to the surface and shine. I am a decorative painter who hasn’t painted in two years. A crafter who used to make cards, gifts, and sell at boutiques. I have enough supplies to open a store and can’t find my creativity. I would love to win a spot in this class. I’m sure the creative ladies teaching can pull me out of this.

  20. I express my inner badass by dressing how I want to, and not how others expect me to – ditto my make-up and hairstyle – and your question has inspired me to go one step further and dye my hair purple – which won’t go down too well in the small Spanish town I call home. But hey – who gives a damn what other people think? Right?!!

  21. Hi Tracy, Interesting title for the course. I think being badass means I am authentically myself. I don’t apologize for who I am and at the same time I allow others to be who they are. I am fairly new to art and definitely need to practicing bringing out my badass more often. I think I am stuck in the everything has to look pretty stage which means my art sometimes lacks life. Would love to join this group. Thanks.

  22. I think my badass has been supressed over the years, lol! so I could use a little push in the right direction, so this class sounds just perfect for that! plus I can connect with fellow creatives,
    thanks for the chance to win!

  23. This badass would love to win a seat in the BADASS Art Journal 2017. So happy to see you in the lineup. Now that is BADASS!

    • My inner badass is what makes me do things others are not willing to do when family needs help. It is what helped me and my children survive numerous nights alone from the Vietnam war to the war in Iraq while my hubby was serving our country. Now my inner badass helped me through the caregiving years and the recent loss of my father. Thus, my inner badass needs an outlet when the load is heavy and art is the perfect remedy especially with such a supporting community.

  24. My inner badass is breaking free. It was dormant inside for years, but watch out world…I AM HERE. My inner badass is how I have survived over the years.

  25. Thank you for this giveaway!
    To express my inner badass would mean freedom. Growth. It would mean learing how to play and enjoy myself without judgement.

  26. This looks so fun, and a fabulous line up of teachers most of which, I have been introduced to by this blog hop. What does it mean to me to express my inner Badass on a daily basis? Through love and authenticity. How do I do that you ask? In the kitchen, I currently have a family member who is having to make huge dietary changes due to health issues, so to kickstart him on his journey, I am cooking it up just right and teaching him how, that is influencing others in the family to follow suit for themselves. In my art, by being brave and trying new things and embracing where I am Now in my fledgling art journey. And the last thing I will mention is how I am with my grandson, he considers me his Adventure Grandma, and although he isn’t allowed to say it in these words he considers me his Badass Grandma! 😉

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