BadAss Art Journal 2018 and GIVEAWAY!


Rebecca Ruff

f the BADASS Art Journal 2018 team of Artists along with these fellow amazing Artists……

  • Tiare Smith
  • Cristin Stevenson
  • Robin Mead
  • Kiala Givehand
  • Kara Bullock
  • JamieLynn Dougherty
  • Tanyalee Kahler
  • A’Driane Nieves
  • Lauren Rudolph
  • Tara Marie Jack
  • Amanda Thought

What does that mean?  Along with these other amazing artists you will be able to sign up and get video lessons from each and every one of us!  You will be inspired to learn their secrets and techniques to expand and incorporate their styles into your art!

This year’s theme is “Empower Your Inner Badass”!

Now for the GIVEAWAY part!  I get to giveaway one ticket and all you need to do is LEAVE A COMMENT on this blog post on what it means to you to express your Inner BadAss.   How do you express that in your daily life, with your family/friends and in your art.  What does it mean to you?

Now how can you sign up?  Click HERE to sign up:

*****REGISTRATION OPENS NOW so what are you waiting for….. plus if you use the limited code SOBADASS you save $10!  Enter this code to receive $10 off. Regular price will be $79 with discount $69.  This code is good through Friday, January 13, 2018.

Going to work on my BadAss project!

24 thoughts on “BadAss Art Journal 2018 and GIVEAWAY!

  1. My inner BadAss shows up almost daily. I struggle with some health issues and creating ( my super power) keeps me fighting against the pain. I find that everyday things that a person does in a regular day, I struggle with. Surgery on both hands ( and more coming) has left me weak and in pain. So I create, even though my art isn’t gallery quality, it’s mine and it’s my saving Grace. I think that’s pretty BadAss!

  2. Is it sad that lately I feel like I have lost touch with my inner Badass? I know she is in there waiting to create great things. Those things that people say ” you did that!?!”. I guess it’s time to find her again. Where did I put those paintbrushes?

  3. My inner badass kicks in when there is something I don’t want to do or face. I put my big girl pants on and face the day. Thanks for the chance.

  4. I’m having difficulty expressing my inner BadAss (in fact, I have to kinda whisper that word) which is why I so desperately need to be a part of this amazing workshop experience. I’m believing that this is my year to breakout. Plus I own a winery where we can hold classes. 🙂

  5. I don’t know that I have found my inner Badass as such… I have been on a long journey trying to find my way… I guess my Badass is what keeps me going, and will keep me going until I find myself … Art is my journey…

  6. I don’t get much time to release my inner bad ass. But when I do it is truly freeing and relaxing. I love to do a large variety of projects and it has been a while since i’ve done any mixed media. It so much fun and a little scary at the same time staring with a blank page and letting your heart guide you through the process.

  7. My inner badass comes out every day! Wether taking care of my father with dementia, or my brother with cancer. I am the badass that keeps the family going creating art with the grand kids keeps me sane!

  8. I have never created a journal. This BadAss concept sounds like an AMAZING way to start a journal.. by running on all pistons..just GO with it! It would be a fantastic way to find out how to express events that are in our daily life, with our family/friends expressing it with my art. It would mean leaving a storybook of my life as it unfolds, logging expressed feelings of all the people I love and shared with at that time with as all the events happen through life….leaving a legacy, a time capsule you will…sure hope that made sense.

  9. I’m sure I have an inner BadAss, but with my hectic job it’s hard to channel it. I get lost in the day to day deadlines. I have an art journal and it helps me stay sane. This class would give me better techniques and tips that I think could greatly improve my creative thinking. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  10. After a certain age, people don’t expect to see your inner BadAss show up. I love surprising them!!! This class series will certainly help me to keep my skills well honed in BadAssery!!

  11. I need to declutter my craft room so I can let my inner BadAss out to play! Its up there on the to-do list…Maybe 2018? Anyway I would love to participate in this event, and learn a few new techniques to incorporate into my art. And I do promise I’ll get things in order and get crafting soon!

  12. I live and breath BadAss each and every day. I could not have survived all that has happened in my life if I did not. I have dedicated my life to helping other women find their bad ass side and use their voices for what they want and deserve. Its very rewarding! Congratulations on being so bad ass yourself!

  13. A chance at freedom to be the real me!! Not the dutiful wife, loving mother, maid, cook, cleaner, etc, etc, etc, but the real bad-ass creative artist that lives inside of me!!!!

  14. My inner badass has been hiding for quite some time now. I would love to have this class help me bring it out of hiding and make my art journal amazing once again.

  15. I feel I need some extra badass to get me through some difficult times right now. It can be hard to bring it out of me but I know it’s in there just need some help, and what better way to get at it than through art 🙂 I guess to me it means strength.

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