Beach Bums

I made some changes to the website.  Let me know what think. I included a photo of us that I took on the beach this weekend.  Pete noted he was not in the last photo so I decided it was time for a change. I am so happy I can make my own banner’s now.  Anyway, I got a few emails (love those emails!) that I lagged on blogging so this is where I have been…

4 days in a row spent at the beach.  That is a new record for us.  Last Thursday to Saturday night was spent at the beach.  Two of those days were spent at my favorite spot, Coronado Island.  We spent the night in a hotel on the beach and it was wonderful.  Sunday our friends joined us and it was a very relaxing day.  We watched the kids boogie board, we played beach volleyball and even ate pizza right on the beach.  That is my idea of fun.  I was completely drained when we got home.  Thankfully my sun burn is starting to subside and the swelling on my foot from the mystery marine sting is going down.  I just love our time at the beach but have learned at the kids have more fun when they have friends.  We had a family photo session on Friday night and I got some of the most beautiful shots (hence the new blog banner).  We have plans for more beach time when I get back from Chicago. I cannot wait.  How about some pictures from our weekend….

Next few days I will be spending getting ready to go to CHA.  I am getting excited, anxious, and nervous all at once.  It is always a busy four days. Please email me if you plan on being there.  I hope to meet up with as many people as I can!

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