Beautiful Baby Girl

So this year I have a rather momentous birthday and one that gets you thinking.  What should I have done before this age and what do I want to do before I double this age (if I am afforded that opportunity).  Last week my friend's cousin came over with her 1 month baby girl, Layla Grace.  I got one whiff of that baby and for a split second (and I mean a very split second) I went back to having my own three.  Now keep in mind that this new mommy is still in that "Oh I love being a mom to this perfect angel" stage and rightfully so.  Janine and I, as somewhat veteran moms just winked at one another. 

So of course I had to grab my camera and start shooting.  She was too darn cute not to photograph. 

Layla copy

People say that when you hold a baby you have these maternal instincts to have another baby  Not Me!  My mind starts wondering if I can have a baby just to photograph it.  But I don't go all baby ga-ga nor do my loins yearn for another baby.  (Did I really say "loins yearn" in a blog post?).  But I do wonder how I can finagle a baby as a photographic prop. 

I am thinking that after a few (ok a ton) photographs she was about ready to be done with me and of all the nerve she tried to give me the finger!!

TWB_8804 copy (Ha wrong finger! Don't worry girl, that comes in time)

And in case anyone was wondering, no I do not need a baby fix and do not want to babysit, nor change diapers, nor stay up all night and while we are on that subject, I have this tendency to drop my kids in doubles so any thoughts of that are off the table.  But………..they are cute to photograph.  I still am trying to figure out a way to have a cute baby around just to photograph. 

Thanks Danielle for the baby fix.  She is a beautiful angel.

Now back to the issue at hand….what to do with the second half of my life.  Hmmmm, going to have to think about that one so stay tuned…

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