Birthday Giveaway #2 – Dynasty Brushes!

Here goes Birthday Giveaway #2!  Dynasty Brush has donated two Black Gold brush kits!  These are my favorite brushes!  Head over to their Dynasty Facebook Page and leave a birthday comment.  Then just comment here and I will pick a random winner the first week of June!


They have the most amazing selection of brushes and they are amazing!   here are my favorites!


ALSO:  If you want to order The Brush Guys give a 5% discount and all  you have to do is mention “twstudios”.  You can order here:


I am proud to be Dynasty Brush Artisan:


Thanks so much for sharing my birthday with me!

Instead of getting angry, find the lesson.  In place of envy, feel admiration.  In place of worry, take action.  In place of doubt, have faith.”

184 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway #2 – Dynasty Brushes!

  1. Love Dynasty brushes! Sandy McTier & Marianne Andreazza introduced them to me at Vegas Creative Painting. I’d love to add to the ones I purchased! 🙂 Also, I adore your posts! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations. Thank you for giving us the chance to win a set of your awesome brushes.

  3. Happy Birthday! These brushes would be a great addition to my crafty toolbox! Thanks to you and Dynasty! I left them some FB love! Fingers crossed ????!

  4. This would be so awesome! who doesn’t love Dynasty? Thanks for the month long celebration, I look forward to your birthday every year 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday! These brushes would be a great addition to my crafty toolbox! Thanks to you and Dynasty! I left them some FB love! Fingers crossed ????! Eat lots of chocolate cake because Birthday calories are reversed! ????

  6. Happiest Birthday! Thank you for the chance of winning these awesome brushes… As a newbie , i would love to win Dynasty brushes..that would be great owning quality brushes???????? I’m so excited! ????

  7. I made a comment on dynasty. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome brushes. Happy birthday month!

  8. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the chance to win all of the awesome stuff! You know we could always use more art stuff!

  9. Black Gold brushes are my favorite – I use them every day. You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many brushes????

  10. I haven’t looked at last night’s streaming as yet, but hope you are feeling better Tracy. I have liked and commented on Dynasty’s page.xx

  11. This would be a wonderful win, sadly all my art supplies were thrown out by mistake and we’ll… I am going a bit bonkers!

  12. Wow! What a wonderful set of brushes, mine are not as nice and in need of refreshing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Beginning of June is my birthday! These would make a great gift to me.. Lol Thanks for the chance to win! Love everything you teach us!

  14. Liked and commented on Dynasties Facebook Page. Loved the whale tail brush for making petals. Thanks for the giveaway fun and Happy Birthday Month!

  15. I have been using Dynasty Black Gold brushes for years. And this past year I’ve tried a number of other, including the Blue Ice and the Microns. I just love their brushes.

  16. That is the most wonderful b-day give away. Would love a late surprise…mine was a couple days ago!,, good luck to all!

  17. Thank you, Tracy and Dynasty Brushes for celebrating Tracy’s Birthday is such a wonderful way. Happy Birthday Tracy!!

  18. Happy Birthday Tracy!! We share the same birthday month 🙂 Would love some new Dynasty Brushes!!
    Enjoy your Birthday.

  19. Left message with Dynasty, liked and am a follower. Happy Birthday month, Tracy! Way to have the celebration continue! Hope your day was special!

  20. Oh these look fab! Not tried them before. Is it wrong that I just want to stroke them? ????????

    Many Happy Returns. ????????????

  21. I would LOVE to win this great prize and THANK YOU for the chance to win.


  22. Happy Birthday Tracy, thanks for the giveaways!! I can really use some new brushes….thanks also to Dynasty Brushes for their generosity!!

  23. Your birthday month is a hoot, Tracy 🙂 I was happy to comment. A great new shopping venue for me!!

  24. Hi Tracy! What an awesome birthday giveaway. I need to check Facebook to make sure I have not forgotten your birthday, but in case I have…..Happy Birthday! Well, I would like to win those brushes, because I could share them with my daughter Jasmine. She draws and paints really well. 🙂

  25. Love these brushes, hope you have a wonderful birthday and that your hand picks my name! Enjoy. Thank you.

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    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the opportunity to win new brushes!

  27. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Tracy! Winning some Dynasty brushes would be a wonderful birthday gift to me!!

  28. Hope you’re having a terrific Birthday, Tracy! This is also my Mom’s Birthday. She would have been 94! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  29. Happy Birthday, Tracy. Hope the day is extra special for you in every way. Thank you for giving us all a chance to win one of the sets of those lovely Dynasty Brushes you love so much. I would love to try them out. 🙂

  30. Already liked their page and left a comment. Would love some new Dynasty brushes. Great giveaway, especially if it came my way!

  31. Happy Birthday!! HOpe your birthday month gets better and better.
    I also sent you greetings on the Dynasty page

  32. hopped around…
    Enjoy this month long birthday, I love it when I celebrate my birthday all month… Thanks to Dynasty, those brushes are yummy…

  33. Happy Birthday Tracy! Love those Dynasty brushes and sure could use some new ones, too! thanks for sharing the fun!

  34. Painting is good for the heart, and painting with the Dynasty brushes makes the soul well, I love Painting , I love Art, I love Dynasty

  35. LOVE these brushes. You are an amazing artist. Thank you so much for this giveaway. And thank you for your inspirations.

  36. This is a great giveaway for a painter like myself!
    I would love to try Dynasty brushes! Happy Birthday!

  37. I liked their Facebook page a long time ago. Left a comment, only I could not see it. I wish you a happy birthday! Also thank you for all you do to to share and get the word out decorative painting and different forms of art!

  38. Liked and commented. Happy B’Day. Have a wonderful day. June is my birthday what a great gift the brushes would be.

  39. Happy Birthday! what a great gift! wasn’t sure where to leave the happy Bday comment on that other page….so I wrote it on top…..

  40. Happy Birthday…. Hope it is awesome.
    Thank you for this chance. New to painting so a lot to learn…love the blogs.

  41. Happy birthday Tracy – thanks for the opportunity to win these lovely brushes – hope you have a great birthday

  42. Happy happy Tracy can’t wait to paint with you again new brushes would be great.
    Hoping you have a great year. Til next year girl friend.

  43. I went to Dynasty’s FB page and saw they have a mixed media set! If you hadn’t a birthday in May and they hadn’t donated to your birthday giveaway I might never have known! : D

  44. Happy Birthday (month). Have liked and commented on Dynasty Brushes fb page, an awesome prize, I would be grateful and honoured to win

  45. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy 47th Dear Tracy….
    Happy Birthday to you….and many more…

  46. GRACIOUS… hehehehehe…. everyone wants to win Dynasty brushes!! Hope the Dynasty folks can see this post – WOW. Well, I left Dynasty Brushes a thank you because I truly do love their brushes but I told them that YOU were the reason why because you always use them on MMM! Thanks bunches for the opportunity to win these SUPER brushes. j.

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