My birthday is upon us.  The month of May is here and that means it is my birthday MONTH!  Are you ready to rumble?  Let’s drop it like it’s hot!  In honor of my birthday I LOVE to do GIVEAWAYS!  I will be in Las Vegas working for my birthday and I want to SHARE the fun with you.  So HERE is my FIRST giveaway to kick off the month donated by DECOART……….not one but TWO Mixed Media Starter kits!



This kit includes:

  • Crackle Paste – 4 oz
  • Modeling Paste – White – 4 oz
  • Liquid Glass – 2 oz
  • Gesso – White – 4 oz
  • Matte Medium – 4 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic – Interference Gold – 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic – Metallic Silver – 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic – Carbon Black – 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic – Titanium White – 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic – Primary Yellow – 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic – Cadmium Red Hue – 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic – Primary Magenta – 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic – Primary Cyan – 1 oz
  • Mister – Carbon Black – 2 oz
  • Shimmer Mister – Turquoise – 2 oz
  • Antiquing Cream – English Red Oxide – 1 oz

It is a $65 VALUE and DecoArt is letting me give away TWO sets!!

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me what you love about birthday’s and also make sure to sign up for DecoArt’s Mixed Media Newsletter HERE!  Please go give some love and LIKE Tracy Weinzapfel Studios and the Decoart Facebook Page I would appreciate that!  (for my birthday month I want to reach 3000 Facebook fans!….so close!)

I have been painting when I can and here is some spring celebration in my art journal using the DecoArt Mixed Media Line….


My birthday is officially Monday but I say it is on like Donkey Kong (oh boy am I aging myself!!!).  So bring on 45 and let’s have a great MAY!!  Stay tuned for more GIVEAWAYS too!!!!  Thank you DecoArt for kicking it off!

 Some life changes look negative and painful on the surface, but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new and beautiful to emerge.”

241 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY MONTH! – GIVEAWAY #1 (DecoArt)

  1. The thing I love about birthdays is the way family comes together to celebrate that person but I also use mine to celebrate me! I give myself the day every year to create art! I allow myself to buy new products or a special product as I believe in giving myself a well deserved gift and the gift of time to use it. I am a nurse who has worked full time my whole life so my birthday is a special day I really look forward to having for me!

  2. time flies my second Tracy birthday great prize give away !!!!! Have a great birthday month! its been fun watching all the changes that has happened in the last year with you and the family. wishing you many more happy moments.

    • Crazy year! my 30’s was for great change and growth…the 40’s are to put it back together I guess ♥

  3. Hello and Happy Birthday to you, Tracy! I love birthdays because they are usually evidence of personal growth, especially for me. I think back over the year and give myself and God credit for making positive changes little by little and sometimes in a big way. I enjoy being 56 and don’t mind getting older. I have become more “me” in many ways and with each birthday I feel as if I let more of the real me out for others to see. And I love celebrating birthdays of family and friends because it’s fun and I enjoy giving artwork as gifts and making cards that express how much I love all of them. I am blessed and I thank you for helping me grow! Love, Nancy.

  4. Birthdays serve to remind us that we’ve lived & learned for yet another yet…like getting to start over!

  5. I give myself the day — on my birthday. Take the day off from work. I have had my birthday fall on a Saturday — so I gave myself a scrapbook party at my LSS with my scrapping friends ….. and …. if I come across someone who has the same date birthday as me (October 3rd) I feel a special connections to them. A few years ago I met a man who was born on the exact day and year I was born on … that was really special. He was born in Mexico and I was born in France !!!!

    • I taught a class two weeks ago and out of the 10 at the table three of us had the same birthday! Birthday triplets!

  6. I love birthdays for everyone. I especially love MAY because it is my birthday month too! (Happy Birthday, Tracy!) Birthdays allow us to look at our lives and celebrate milestones, lessons learned and the joy that simply “being born” allows us. I never dread them!

  7. My birthday is also in May. Tomorrow is iNSD & my birthday! I love other people’s birthday better than mine. I love making them feel special. Especially my family.

  8. Happy Birthday Tracy! I love birthdays because they remind us that we are here on earth and that we have been given another year of life. I love DecoArt Mixed Media line and I would enjoy this give away. I turned 65 April 26th.

  9. have a great birthday. I always buy my own present, usually something I normally won’t because it’s too expensive or frivolous. Just enjoy the day!

  10. My favorite part of birthdays is the family coming together to celebrate that special someone. It’s not about the gifts, but the memories we have of being together and the blessing of another year to celebrate!

  11. Happy Birthday Tracy… You are such a great inspiration to me and many others. Birthdays to me are a blessing ( because I have had so many, 81 ) They are filled with love, family and friendships.. what else can you ask for. I have learned over the years that each day is a blessing. I can’t believe that I can still play with my paints and etc, enjoy them and be inspired by those around me.. wow..

  12. Tracy:

    My real B-Day is in March, but 05/04/86 was my spiritual birthday. So Happy Birthday to us both! I love them because it’s a way to keep ourselves in check with the reality of our limited time on earth. It’s like the Universe is saying “do it now, time is precious”

    Glad you’re in Vegas again. Our house finally closed so we are here now too, permanently. Enjoy your hardware show, I think I’ll wait for the next painting show. LOL.

    Linda Blume

  13. I particularly love family/special person birthday celebrations because I get to create something special for them, my husband, family member or good friend/s.

    I love seeing the smile on my husband’s face when I give him a card and/or art canvas/hanging. He knows that I put a lot of time and work into creating something just for him.
    I also love baking cakes to go with whatever creation I have made for him and he really appreciates it because he know it is hard work for me to bake and create these days.
    I am very, very, very lucky because my family and friends appreciate the fact that I spend time and effort creating something special for them.
    I hope you have an awesome birthday, even though you are working, and get spoiled rotten!
    Tracy thank you very much for the chance to win these lovely products, I most definitely need a lot more MM products and I love the DecoArt fluids and mediums that I do own. I already follow you here and on FB and it’s the same with DecoArt – so thanks to you and DA for the chance x

  14. Total CELEBRATION!~ I love family time, eating, laughing, enjoying each other. I keep trying to get My family to paint Me something on My Birthday (all of us painting together), I’m getting closer. 🙂

  15. I love birthdays because It’s a time to celebrate and each new year is a chance of new beginnings.

  16. Happy Birthday month to you!!! How exciting. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Best part of birthday’s for me is going out for a nice dinner to some place special with my boys.

  17. I like all the messages and phone calls from my family back in Canada. I live in the UK and I’m guaranteed some calls and emails from friends and family! xxx

  18. I love birthdays……..especially other peoples… 🙂 actually I don’t mind birthdays at all. I am thrilled to have everyone I have.. Sure hope you enjoy yours Tracy.. How nice to do giveaways for your birthday 😉

  19. I love this painting! My birthday was last month and the best thing about it was the little surprises I received from different people. I actually had a birthday cake delivery that was totally out of the blue.
    I hope you have a great birthday month, Tracey!

  20. CAKE, Tracy, CAKE!! (Any other answers you get are, um, well, just simply untruths.) Already subbed and liked all the above before.

  21. PS. Please enter me into the drawing. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tulips btw. Reminds me of Washington State. Not many tulips in Vegas I suspect. : )

  22. For the first time I will have grandchildren here for my birthday (it is this month too)
    What a fantastic present this would be – fingers crossed!!

  23. My birthday is the first day of spring. It’s the beginning of the colors of my life coming back out to life. Thanks Tracy

  24. Happy birthday! I like birthdays because it is a day to remember that we are all special and unique and worth being celebrated! Hope you are celebrated on your special day!

  25. I love May birthdays because I have one as well I like to have my vegan ice cream with bananas and sliced almonds. Yummy. I like your mixed media and the vibrant colors. Would be halt to win one of these.

  26. Enter me the drawing Tracey and I sign up for Deco newsletter and ,I gave DECO some Love (LOLOLOL brwaa hhhahhhaaa!!) you know why I am laughing here,girl)

    and of course giving you more more on your FB and her over the internet with big hugs on your B-day.

    Why or what do I like about b-days? Candles. there is something about seeing candles lit on birthday cakes. I is such a celebration and you have have GREAT one and thanks for this great Give a way (you say there are others too this month? You ROCK!)

    Dana Martin hugs, and blessings,

  27. Happy Birthday Tracy!! I just had one a couple of weeks ago!! I like birthdays because it’s a day when you hear from everyone! Far away or close by, the wishes mean so much!! I don’t need gifts, just the fun of everyone stopping by, whether it’s by email, letter, card, etc… ♥ I have just started to play with DecoArt’s Media line and don’t have but only a few items!! Been wanting to get more as soon as I could!! Everything looks like soooo much fun!! I’ve got my fingers crossed!! Thanks for the offering and ENJOY your day!!!!!

  28. I don’t like my own Bithdays anymore. But isn’t it a normal for this 50 and something years old lady? Actually I never liked them. I do love other people Birthdays as this is always a chance for a good party or day spent with them. But I sure remember to ask for a good Birthday present Iike a new camera, laptop, cell phone or Pandora bracelet . So there is something good with Birthdays after all. Happy Birthday month to you dear !
    I am your new FB fan and old friend and the very old Deco fan.

  29. The thing I love most about Birthdays is the cake!! LOTS and lots of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!!! LOVE DecoArt and would love to be one of the incredibly lucky winners! Thanks for the chance!

  30. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Month, Tracy!! Birthdays are always FUN. I splurge a little each year for my birthday. This year I bought my first Deco Arts Mixed Media line paints and spray paints 🙂

  31. Birthdays for me are very special. I don’t always go crazy and throw huge parties, but for my family, I try to make them the center of my attention for that one day. I buy little things I know they love, make their cake of choice (or in hubby’s case, buy a cheesecake or ice cream cake), and take them to do something they enjoy. Being a mom, my perspective on birthdays has changed tremendously. Birthdays for my boys mark that big dive into motherhood of one and then of two (23 mts apart). My baby will be one on July 4th (my firecracker boy) and his big brother will turn 3yrs twenty-one days later. I celebrate them every day, but their birthdays are the day I get to focus on how they fought their ways into the world and to celebrate those special moments.

    PS-CAKE…who could forget cake?? Especially cupcakes with a mound of whipped frosting, topped with decadence like sprinkles, caramel drizzle, chocolate sauce, candy, etc ^_^

  32. What I love about birthdays is also what I miss. I love seeing people’s faces when they open the gift you’ve especially chosen for them knowing that they will love it, with everyone so busy or living so far apart it’s not something I get to enjoy very often now. And I loved the white birthday cakes that we had as children

  33. I enjoy celebrating birthdays, mine, family’s and friends. It’s a time to be together. I love the Deco Arts line and would love to be a winner so I could try more of the products.

  34. When I think of birthdays, I think of family. May is also my birthday. The 17th to be exact. But I don’t want to stop there. My oldest granddaughter will turn 18 on May 6th (talk about aging yourself!). My step-son will celebrate his 30th birthday on May 8th. My husband, who is my soul mate will be partying on May 9th. My youngest granddaughter will turn 13 on May 17th (she was my birthday present one year). And not to be outdone, my anniversary is May 12th. We get together in May and go out to eat together as a family birthday celebration. This year is extra special because one of our granddaughters is also graduating from high school. As a bonus this year, I am taking the 18 year old to an acrylic painting class, and the younger one shopping and out to lunch. This acrylic set would be the icing on the cake. 🙂

    Happy birthday, Tracy!

  35. I love MMM. Watch every week. It’s wonderful that you celebrate your birthday with give aways. Would love to win one.

  36. Birthdays are a wonderful way to appreciate a loved one AND the mother who brought him or her to us! You’re never too old for your birthday!

  37. Happy Birthday month to you – we are the same age!! I have to say that I don’t enjoy being a year older each time my birthday comes around, but it makes me appreciate what I have in life – my friends, family, health, home….there are many less fortunate. So each year I try to show that appreciation and enjoy each day that I am given and make them count before they slip away 🙂

  38. So much of life is too serious! I love birthdays because it’s a happy time, a celebratory time, and a time to be with those people that I love and care about the most. To be honest, I love presents, singing and candles too! It makes one feel special! Happy Birthday to you Tracy. I hope your special day is full of celebration.

  39. Birthdays Celebrate the gift of life. Celebrating with family and the joy the day brings.
    My birthday is in May. Love the spring birthday month!

  40. It’s really quite simple why I love birthdays, it’s the celebration of life! Saying Happy Birthday is saying , I am so glad you were born.

  41. Birthdays have always meant white paper packages tied up with string! It’s like Christmas, but just for you … it’s the passage of time and celebrating what you’ve learned and what’s yet to come. And then is CAKE … yep … it’s ALL about the birthday cake!

  42. I love Birthdays because they mark another year of growth, wisdom and experience. I also love birthdays cause it’s a good excuse to ask for art supplies AND buy some for myself too. Sure wish our Michaels, Jo Ann’s and Hobby Lobby would carry Decoart fluids

  43. I LOVE throwing my kids big “themed” parties…so far we’ve done Lego Star Wars, Minecraft, Disney Princess, The Avengers, Puppy Adoption (just to name a few!) everything…even down to the names of the snacks…are related to the theme. For the Avengers, we made green gak and called it “Hulk Snot”. For the Puppy Adoption party, we had a pup obstacle course the kinds had to run…which included eating “dog food” (cocoa puffs!) like a puppy dog. So fun!

  44. I love birthdays because of the precious time spent with family and friends and all of the wonderful memories made.

  45. love birthdays for catching up with friends and family who put aside time in their busy lives to celebrate with you

  46. Wow wow wow what an amazing birthday giveaway. I think birthdays are great days for sharing love. I have just had my 50th birthday and my two children made me feel so special. Wishing you a very happy birthday xxxxxx

  47. I love birthdays because I get to celebrate the person and the day they were born. I am always thankful on my birthday and use to send my Mom flowers on my birthday. Miss doing that.

  48. i never had birthday parties when i was growing up but now since i am OLD…i have had quite a few. i love presents….who doesnt?? and of course cake! but MOST of all i love being with my family and friends. hope you have a great birthday. xoxo

  49. Hi Tracy…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!…the thing I like the most about birthdays is the way family comes together to celebrate another year with a loved one…this year is going to be a very different birthday for me…I lost my hubby this winter and am going to miss how special he always made my day…well actually my week…just another first in a long line…hope your month is the best ever…love you birthday month give-a-ways.

    • Dorothy, my hubby makes mine so special. ♥ ♥ ♥
      he too lost his wife. I am sure that was hard. hugs

  50. Well, besides the friends, family and yummy cake, I like that everyone has a unique way of celebrating. We moved to a new state a few years back and my friends family celebrates by signing “Happy Birtnday” off key and as horrible as possible. It started as a joke with her family and now it is a tradition. Needless to say, when my husband and I went to her house for her birthday party, our ears were in for a big surprise!

  51. I love birthdays as everyone seems so happy to celebrate it with you. I also look forward to dinner with my DH of 40 years. My 60th is coming up in October and have something artsy planned. Love the DecoArt line, thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  52. Best thing about birthdays is the Celebration of a new year in your life!! Birthdays are like a new beginning of a new year of my life! I celebrate Me! Have a wonderful Celebration of You, Tracy, because You, are one of a kind!, Happy Birthday!!

      • Tracy! Be thankful! You are a wonderful gift from heaven to us. You have inspired more people. No regrets, if people stray away, it’s not about you. I, myself am working 2 jobs and trying to make my mortgage each month and just went to a bazaar and didn’t sell any of my paintings, but I sold two journals and and 2 scrapbooks. But I wouldn’t be doing that if I didn’t go to my first MMM class. You are so appreciated for your efforts and your talents. And when I give you a compliment I mean it! Say, “Thank You.” We are blessed to have you and having more of you would be even better!! Happy Birthday!! I, Personally, would love to have my very own Tracy Attention!!

      • Mary Kay………your comment means more then you will ever know and very timely! I love my “job” my life and the things I have worked so hard for and #1 is sharing what little I have to share! It is humbling to read your gift of words on my birthday!

      • I have to say, Mary Kaylyons, I too was touched by your reply to Tracy. I thank you for reminding me of those things too.

        And Tracy, Happy Birthday I know I said that before but had to again, I don’t think anybody can enough of those verbally birthday wishes… know I can’t and to everyone else here on the post whose is celebrating their May birthday (my own sister is too)….Happy Happy Birthday to all!

        hugs and blessings, Dana 🙂

  53. Happy Birthday!!! I just celebrated my 59th birthday in April,spent time with family and friends enjoying the bounty that spring provides. I love celebrating birthdays, mine and others, this beautiful colorful life is to be enjoyed and everyone deserves their own special day!

  54. Happy Birthday Tracy! We have a rule in our house that you get to celebrate your birthday all month. That means lots of cake with no guilt! So I hope you have an awesome month with plenty of cake 🙂

  55. What I like most about birthdays is that folks like you have cool giveaways… JK I like that I get to spend one on one time with my DH, he’s so busy but takes the time to make plans at our favorite B&B for my birthday and we get away for a few days to spend time together.

  56. Happy Birthday Tracy…..wishing you an awesome day with love and laughter with family nd friends… is truly an amazing time, you have come a long way lady, wishing you many more to come ……don’t let the number trip you up……we are as old as we feel and it is no where near the number we hold……..enjoy and thank you for all of your inspiration you share with us each week…..

  57. Happy birthday! The thing I like about birthdays is family and friends. I am part of a huge extended family (close on 65 people and growing – three weddings and a baby this year (so far)) and we’re very close. Close enough that great-great-aunts like me are well-known to our nieces and nephews to the 3rd generation! 🙂 Birthdays, mean, at the very least, lots of phone calls and cards and at the top end, full out parties with all kinds of food and dozens of people – and everything in between. One tradition started by my mother for us six sisters is that we celebrate each birthday, just us, sisters and mom. Mom is gone, as well as three of us sisters, but the remaining three of us always go out to dinner (At least – sometimes we go on a day trip to shop as well as eat.) on each of our birthdays. Exclusive “sister time” that no one else can mess with! 🙂 Birthdays are wonderful.

  58. I was watching you talk about going to Vegas Tracy and your soon coming birthday etc and was sooo happy that you were going to do something fun! Your 45th is a good one. It’s about now that you realize it’s ok just to be who you are and not apologize so much for any shortcomings!!! You will like being 45!!

    I’m rather introverted – so birthday “attention” is not fun for me. It’s just hubby and I, so we celebrate it quietly! One thing for sure is… I wake up every morning thanking the Lord for another day. Our birthdays started out as a gift from God and it’s such a blessing to celebrate another birthday. 🙂

    Let me assure you though… I LOVE hearing and watching how others- like you – celebrate. It’s so fun for me – I have always been a people watcher!! I have a friend that celebrates every day for the entire month – eheheheh!! It’s crazy but I love hearing all her crazy stories! And in a way, that’s what you are doing Tracy – but you are sharing and giving to us along the way. It’s so thoughtful and fun for you to do this.

    I have lots of paints – and never tire of any of them – using them all. But I honestly have never had DecoArt products. I paint every day so it would be so wonderful to have this great birthday celebration gift!

    Most of all – let me say… HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tracy. You deserve it. j.

    • Love your comment and thank you! I did not celebrate birthdays much and feel I want to share my 40’s with all who I love! Going to Vegas for work and lucky enough to adore those I work with too!

  59. I love birthdays, including my own. I love having a reason to throw a themed based party. We have a large family, 8 kids, 23 grands and counting. So once a month, we host a party for everyone who has a birthday that month. We even combine the major holidays with the birthday parties. There is a always a birthday cake and birthday decorations.

  60. Birthday’s are special because it means another year of life has happened and every day is a blessing- and cake and ice cream 🙂
    Great give away as well…. and Happy Birthday!!!!

  61. happy birthday!! it is my birthday month also – the 10th. 🙂 i love my birthday and i celebrate it all month. may is the BEST month for a birthday, isn’t it? xo sandi

  62. Bet you’ve been “may the 4th be with you”‘d until you wanted to scream. Monday is also my oldest son’s birthday-and thus my favorite birthday to celebrate. Get all misty eyed every year. But he’s far away-so no celebrating. But I do enjoy sending my friends cards and surprises for their birthdays. Lately that tends to be dogs I’ve become attached to on FB. Guess you could say my life has gone to the dogs! Have a happy one uber talented lady-you bring much joy to us,

  63. i enjoy spending time on my birthday with people who care about me. My birthday is in one month. Winning one of your giveaways would be a great birthday present. Enjoy all of your birthday activities, Tracy.

  64. The world is so busy and all we hear about is all of the bad things going on. I love Birthday’s because they give is a day to pay tribute to one of our family members or friends! A day to be happy and let that person know how much they mean to you!
    Wishing you a wonderful Birthday month Tracy!

  65. What I like about Birthdays, is that its the one day you are treated like royalty the whole year.. 🙂

  66. Birthday’s are the BEST!!! My favorite thing is the celebration and reflection of life, as a whole and the past year. I know, sappy… but I can’t help it!! I just celebrated my youngest son’s 5th birthday last week, so I’m sentimental.

  67. Hi Tracy. Happy Birthday! One thing I love about birthdays is we get to be reminded how special we are to people. Even though I know my friends and family love me it’s always fun when they take that time to tell or show us ‘Hey I like You”. I so enjoy following your art but I have to confess I almost look forward to your little inspirational tidbits at the end more than anything. I think its so great that you have found a way to combine both! Hope your birthday month is fun and full of all kinds of artsy goodness!!

  68. Happy birthday! I love that birthdays get friends and family together to celebrate. I like that my birthday is very close to my oldest son’s birthday.

  69. I love my birthday because it’s My day, even if nobody else acknowledges the fact. I love the inventive ways that my birthday has been celebrated over the years, and how I’ve tried to celebrate others’ birthdays. So fun to think of special touches that you know appeals to them so much. It’s lovely to be fussed over, even if it’s just a cupcake with a candle. Happy Birthday Tracy 🙂

  70. My best friend’s birthday is in May and even though we live in different states we call and sign happy birthday to each other every year . Would love to paint something special for her

  71. Happiest of Birthdays Tracy!!! Birthdays are a celebration of life! It is not that you are getting older, but that you have the opportunity to experience life.

    • Happy Birthday!!!!
      May IS the best month in the year!
      It;s a beautiful Spring month that also happens to be my husbands and my birthdays…which always overlaps with Mothers Day! Flowers blooming everywhere, birds singing, gorgeous days to go outside and make art; Perfect!!!!!!

  72. This May, I will have a new birthday to celebrate. My 8th grandchild, a baby girl, is scheduled to be delivered 19 May. Also my painting buddy and no. 3 granddaughter’s birthday is in May. Love celebrating birthdays of family and friends.

  73. Happy Birthday Tracy and to all having a birthday this month. As with any celebration, for me it is all about getting family and friends together to enjoy all that life brings us.

  74. Happy Birthday! I love especially the birthdays of my 2 kids. Their excitement always brings a smile to my face, and I want to make their special day as special as possible 😀

  75. Happy Birthday!!! Praying you have a blessed one!! What I like most about Birthdays is celebrating life and all that I’ve been blessed with!! I don’t look at the # I’m turning just how blessed I am!! Of course having my family and friends surrounding me is also very important!!

  76. Happy Birthday Tracy!! What a great giveaway!!! What I love most about birthdays is getting to spend timr with my friends and family.

  77. Happy Birthday! I love birthdays because I get to spend time with my family celebrating. We usually have dinner and of course cake and ice cream! My mom and sister both have birthdays in May! We are celebrating my sisters birthday tmw and my mom’s birthday when I get to California next week!

  78. Wow! Lots of comments, you are well loved. To me the best thing about Birthdays is celebrating with friends and family. And extending it all month! I just introduced a friend to the media line – she didn’t know,can you believe it? Well, we are going to play on Tuesday and will toast your birthday too.

  79. The best thing about a birthday (especially when you are 60+) is that it means you are still ALIVE! lol Happy happy joy joy to you on your birthday. You will be in the right place to celebrate!

  80. Hi Tracy! Birthdays are God’s way of telling me that I’ve made another year of growth by painting and creating art! I thank Him for each new day of breath! He would want me to have a set of new playthings for sure! Lol

  81. It’s my Birthday month too! Happy Birthday to you and to me! 🙂 I Love celebrating birthdays because it brings my family together! Gonna celebrate my Birthday early and have a nice BBQ tomorrow!

  82. Happy Birthday! Every year for my birthday I get cherry chip cake with cherry frosting. My Dad made one for me when they brought me home from the hospital, so it’s been my traditional BD cake for 44 years so far! I’ve enjoyed extending that kind of tradition with my family and they all have their own BD cake flavor 🙂

  83. Hey Tracy..since we celebrate differently on May 4th….this means it’s indeed a Special day!!!happy Happy birthday!

  84. Hello and a very Happy Birthday Tracy !! I have been blogging now for two years and I love all the new friends I have made across the world, Birthdays are now even more special with wishes and greetings from all over the globe along with those from family and friends !! love and hugs from India….I love your art and your spirit (hic..hic )

  85. It’s my birthday month too! I love birthdays because it’s my excuse to do all i want to this month~

  86. Happiest of birthdays! My birthday is my favorite holiday, partly because I was born on Thanksgiving (making me a turkey!). I love getting together with family at birthday time and celebrating another year together. I will be 50 this year, and looking forward to a wonderful celebration with friends and family.

  87. Ok hopefully I found the right place to wish Tracy a grand cake and ice cream month ! Have a great birthday and enjoy your month.

  88. forgot to say why I love Birthdays. Just a great day to celebrate each one of my dear sweet family and friends on their special day. Birthdays make life special.

  89. The thing I love about birthdays is getting to have friends and family come together, some that I don’t get to see as often as I would like, and being able to enjoy everyone’s company.

  90. The thing I love most about birthdays (other than cake) is the friends and family that come together to celebrate with you. And a day I can thank my parents for not giving up on me when I was a rebellious youth. And cake. Lots, of cake.

  91. Hi Tracy, this is my birthday month too!! The thing about birthdays is that I get to look back on my life and see the amazing things I’ve done and look forward to accomplishing. Every year I’m alive on this earth is a blessing!

    Carmen L

  92. I love birthdays, you feel so special, the day is all about you! Plus you can get out of doing stuff,just say…no its my birthday! Plus presents! Hope you have a great day happy birthday Tracy!

  93. I love all birthdays…except mine. We celebrate with a family dinner and decorations for all birthdays and holidays. Everyone deserves special attention. I turned 70 this year and although I am very happy to still be here, looking at that number is shocking.
    Wishing you the Happiest Birthday ever!

  94. The best thing about birthdays? CAKE! Lol, well, I do like cake, but my favorite part is that whoevers birthday it is gets a day off, no chores, they get to pick their favorite dinner meal, and we like to pamper that person for one full day. I hope you have a glorious birthday!!!

  95. What I love about birthdays is getting together with family and friends and going down memory lane! Remembering good times as well as the not so good times!

  96. I love my birthday because when I was a kid, my Mom always made my favorite cake– chocolate layer cake with bananas in the middle and chocolate whipped cream icing (My Dad’s concoction) !!! Now that I have my own little family, I get to make that cake for them!!! Hope you have a great birthday Tracy!!! I would love to try out DecoArt’s new products— they look so interesting!!

  97. Happy Birthday!
    I like birthdays because it’s a day just for you, time to spend with friends and family. And I love other people’s Birthdays because it’s a reason to buy ice cream cake, and I love ice cream cakes!

  98. Happy Birthday, Tracy! To me, Birthdays are a time to reflect on past experiences and use that reflection to pave the path to the future with hope, joy, creativity and much love!

  99. I also celebrate my birthday month! As a kid, I would always request a German chocolate cake with broiled coconut frosting…I need to find that recipe again for this year!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. Happy birthday, Tracy! My husband and I have a tradition of taking the day off of work for each other’s birthday, going to lunch, seeing a movie, shopping for presents and then a fancy (ok, usually just steak) dinner. It’s a fun way to celebrate! I hope you get to enjoy your day even though you are working.

  101. Happy Birthday Tracy. I love birthdays because it gives us time to celebrate and spend time with those special people in our lives. And each year means you’re not getting older, you’re just getting better.

  102. My birthday is in May too! I love having a Spring birthday because after a long dark winter, it is warming up and the sun shines more, and the flowers and trees are budding. I always feel better in Spring. On my birthday, my mom and sister take me out for lunch, and then I splurge on something special I want that I would not usually buy.

    The Best thing about celebrating my birthday is getting the hubby and my boys to everything I want!

  104. I love celebrating birthdays with friends and family and sometimes others. A couple years ago I did a kindness birthday where I gave out gifts to random people, food to homeless and art and jewelry to anyone I thought. It was fun and all day!
    Happy Birthday month to you and thanks for sharing with others.

  105. Each birthday is a celebration of all that you accomplished in the previous year and a date to plan bigger and better goals for the coming months. Age is only a number – it is attitude that matters. I spend my birthday with family because they matter most in my world.
    The DecoArt Media line is fabulous! Love what you have been doing with the products. Enjoy your special day.

  106. I love other peoples birthdays……love making those little extra things that make them smile & feel special on their birthday. The more balloons the better…just love their colours and ‘bounciness’.. streamers in multicolours, long and curly drifting in the air as people move…. The moment when the lights dim and the cake arrives with the candles flickering in the darkness and everyone sings & wishes them Happy Birthday!!!………….not so fussed about my own, lol 🙂 xx

  107. May 1 is my mother’s birthday! She would have been 101. Always think of her May 1 and Mothers Day which is May too!

    Happy Birthday!

    Mary Louise

    P.S. Can’t wait to try out these new products…..sometime

  108. May is also my birthday month; #64 is just a couple weeks away. These milestones have been harder for me to look forward to since losing my husband, but, as others have said here, I generally use the day to reflect upon the previous year and to be grateful for the life I have. This year I’ll be at an art retreat in Costa Rica on my birthday! Happy Birthday to you, Tracy.

  109. I love Birthdays and Birthday cakes so I can make a wish and see if it comes true before my next Birthday. It was always big day when my kids were little we celebrated all day and they got to pick their favorite dinner. Now almost 60 and I forget how old I am at times LOL heck who counts after 50 right 🙂 Happy Birthday Tracy Hope all your Birthday wishes come true !!

  110. It took me 50 some odd years and many years after my mothers passing to realize that each year on the anniversary of my birth, I should have celebrated my mom for giving me my life. That said, I LOVE that every year on my birthday, I wake up to rows of American flags waving from almost every house in the US!!! .Everyone celebrates my birthday!!! (I was born on Flag Day)…. Thank you for the give away opportunity in honor of your Birthday!!! Hope your birthday month is as wonderful as your last year has been 🙂

  111. My mother passed just before my 5th birthday and it seemed to always cast a shadow on what was supposed to be my special day. My birthday always seemed to leave me feeling sad. Then, I had my youngest son at 42. A little over a week after giving birth, my carotid artery dissected causing me to have a stroke and I crashed twice. Once I recovered I realized how close I had come to leaving my new baby and my other children motherless. Suddenly I realized just how wonderful birthdays are as it means I’ve lived yet another year after coming so close to death. I will never feel sad on my birthday again! I want to end on a much happier note and tell you how much I love the bright, happy art you create. It just makes me feel good to look at it and inspires me to create my own! Thank you!

    • WOW Lea………thank you for sharing your gift of life and reminder not to take it for granted!

  112. Happy Birthday! Celebrate all that you accomplished in the past year and good luck for the next year.

  113. This summer when my Birthday rolls around in July I will turn 60. For some reason that feels important to me. I dread and embrace it both at the same time. Normally I enjoy everyone’s Birthdays but my own. I am wanting this year to be different.

    • ♥………then you make it different. That is what I did from my 30’s to 40’s…changed it all around! The 60’s are yours to do just that and spoil yourself!

  114. Happy Birthday, Tracy! My daughter was born on May 20 so not only do I love birthdays, I love May birthdays! What I love most is the family gathering and celebrating the day someone wonderful joined the family. Wow! The give away is awesome. Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  115. I love birthdays because it marks one more year that you are given. To cherish and everyday look for the good in others. When my birthday comes around, I love to spend it with family, friends, or even just me and my husband…because no matter how it is spent, I am thankful! 🙂

  116. I love birthdays as they remind us of another milestone coming in our lives. Our time here is not forever and we need to cherish our family and friends. I love Decoart products too!!! Thank you for your generosity!!

  117. Happy Birthday, Tracy! I like my birthdays for a couple of reasons. The first is to reflect on the past year and also to think about the year to come….plan what I’d like to accomplish. The second reason I like my birthday is that my sister’s birthday is only 9 days after mine so we usually celebrated together. We don’t live close by right now, but we always have the phone. So my sister is also a May baby.

  118. Happy Birthday month Tracy! I hope it is filled with lovely surprises and beautiful memories! I love birthdays because it gives us a legit reason to eat cake!! I mean what’s a Birthday without cake?! 😉

  119. Happy Birthday Tracy. The best part about birthdays is it is the one time of the year that it is all about me:). I get to spend time with who I want to be with, I get to do what I want, eat what I want and then there are the presents. Oh and did I mention frosting – yum

  120. Hi, Tracy, and happy birthday! Thank you for all you do for us on Monday nights! My dad has always made our birthdays so special and filled with love, laughter, and surprises. This month is his birthday…our first without him. While we will be shedding tears for our loss, we will honor him and celebrate him as heaven’s gain. Happy birthday, Rev. W.D. Mclean….my dad, my hero! Thank you for making my 52 birthdays so beautiful and blessed. I miss you.

  121. Birthdays are beautiful because it’s about life, you have the gift of celebrating you and enjoying your moments with all your loved ones. It’s a day that you can create anything for yourself and relish in all the beauty of this special moment. It’s a day that makes us feel loved and alive because others recognize our moment! And on top of it all…its a great day to have a glass of wine just because…

  122. Happy Birthday Tracy
    What I love about birthdays is the pre-celebration, the celebration and the post celebration. In our house birthdays last at least 2 weeks. It is the one time of the year that we/I have permission to make it all about me and I have a wonderful husband that enjoys helping me celebrate ME

  123. I love birthdays because they are a good chance to get together, stay in touch, honour friends and family and say “i’m so glad you are here”.. I love birthday celebrations that go on all week, or all month

  124. what l love about birthdays, is the gathering of family and friends, everyone is always so busy now a days that you don’t get to see each other often, but it’s always fun to make time to celebrate someone’s special day. love, hugs, happiness not to mention great food and lots of cake and icecream and drinks for the adults. bdays are just FUN!

  125. Birthdays are special because of the good wishes and even that split second someone thinks of you and takes the time to send a message or make a call is special !! triggers lots of happy memories !! Happy happy birthday month Tracy…all the way from India !!

  126. Happy Birthday, Tracy! Birthdays, to me, are another excuse to get together with family and friends with good food!

  127. Birthdays to me are the beginning…of life renewed each year. And with each one you are able to be thankful for the life that is given you and the loved ones you share it with. I thank God each day for all that I am given…and the blessings that He bestows upon me, but on my birthday I am thankful for another year to celebrate life.

    Thank you for this contest and Happy Happy birthday to you! ( Mine is next month! ) 🙂

  128. what I love about birthday’s is we get to show the birthday person how special they are on their special day 🙂

  129. The best thing about celebrating my birthday is that I get to celebrate it in Disneyland, where everyone wishes you a Happy Birthday! That is because you get to wear a pin saying it is your birthday. Hope your day is special too!

  130. Happy birthday Tracy!! May your day be everything you wish for!!
    The best thing about birthdays are spending them with close family. And I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve always said I enjoy writing a new set of numbers…LOL!! Whenever someone asks me if it’s bothering me to be turning 50 (or 40, 30) that’s all I’ve ever said about it. Getting older doesn’t bother me…never has.
    Well happy birthday again Tracy. Have a wonderful day. Take care.

  131. The tulips are beautiful. The background is so bright and bold and really makes them pop. I’ve been getting the newsletter and “like” DecoArt on FB. At 74 I’m just happy when another birthday comes along and I’m still healthy and happy and on the go. I can do what I want when I want and that’s a blessing.
    Happy Birthday.

  132. I like birthdays because we all get together as a family to celebrate. We have a big dinner and celebrate all the birthdays for that month. Making memories. 🙂

  133. I love birthdays because of the celebration of the family with cake and ice cream. While growing up my mother always fixed my favorite meal and cake. I loved meatloaf and marble cake. Now my family takes me out to dinner

  134. Happy Birthday Tracy! I prefer to celebrate others’ birthdays but it’s nice having the family come home & get together to celebrate mine!

  135. Happy Birthday Tracy! I love birthdays because family gets together – also love the cake and ice cream!

  136. Birthdays are days of joy and celebration of life with friends and family. Although we cannot always be together on these special days, we call each other and sing Happy Birthday and make and send specials cards. This year I will be 73 and my greatest wish is to be surrounded by all my children, grandchildren and great grandies. I know this is impossible so I will celebrate my day with those living nearby and take joy and pleasure in hearing from all my family and friends. My birthday month is October and that was my hubby’s birthday month as well. Our birthdays are one day apart and my eldest granddather’s birthday is the same week and another granddaughter’s day is on my birthday! And my great granddaughter has her birthday on the day following my and my husbands birthdays. We definitely have a lot of celebrating to do in the month of October and then all the other months for the rest of the family. It is truly wonderful and I am so lucky to have this amazing life. Sounds like you are enjoying your birthday month too. Congratulations and birthday hugs and for an exciting and joyful life.

  137. Love celebrating birthdays and the nice thing about birthdays is everyone has one. So everyone has a special day and I love that.

  138. I like birthdays because it’s a time for family to celebrate!! Happy May birthday! I have a sweet granddaughter who was 3 May 8.

  139. Birthdays are fun. As a younger child, my favorite cake was a 2 layer banana cake with sliced bananas in between the layers! Yum…………..and of course banana icing………..all of this was homemade……….no box cake or prepared frosting…………so yummy. Can close my eyes and take a deep breath and see the cake and smell it………oh yes, and the taste. 🙂

  140. What an awesome giveaway Tracy and Deco Art. I’ve never really celebrated my birthday, I’m not a fan of having all the attention thrown at me, so I tend to not want to celebrate. Last year a close friend took me out to dinner and that was very nice…but I really just like to have a quiet time to reflect and work on my art. Nothing lavish. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY.

  141. So glad your birthday month has been so fabulous! I am so enjoying watching you shine! I love Birthdays because it is one day you can feel a little less guilty about doing something special for yourself! 🙂

  142. Birthdays are a great time for reflection. You made it through the last year and you have a whole another year to continue your journey and make many more great moments with family and friends. It is a time of new beginnings

  143. I love having some time to myself. I take my birthday off from work each year and I have two rules: 1) you can’t make any plans and 2) you do whatever you feel like. It’s fun and relaxing.

  144. I like my kids birthdays because it reminds me of how much they have grown and matured through the years. They are now 25 & 26! I don’t like my birthday because it reminds me that man, am I getting old! lol

  145. Birthday = family, friends and lots of love! It’s a celebration of life and now you’ve taught me that we can celebrate the whole month! 😉

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