Birthday Month Giveaway #3 – Grafix

It’s time for another Birthday Giveaway and today’s prize has been kindly donated by the lovely folks at Grafix and is worth almost $100 dollars retail!  Thanks so much Grafix for your amazing generosity!

Grafix prize

The prize includes:

  • Rub-Onz
  • Stencil Film
  • Monoprint Plate
  • Inking Palette
  • Artist-tac
  • Computer Grafix Clear Ink Jet Film
  • Computer Grafix Clear Adhesive Backed Ink Jet Film

I’ve posted the prize picture on my Instagram page. Hop over LIKE and and leave a comment on it to enter today’s giveaway.  I will pick a random winner from there!  (if you are not on Instagram you can leave a comment on this blog post)

Grafix make some really unique products and I especially love their Rub-Onz product which allows you to create your own rub-on transfers either using your printer or by hand-drawing or stamping. I used them as the basis for the big flower on this canvas (you’ll find a time lapse video here if you want to see the whole process).


I also used the Rub-Onz for the sugar skull on this piece featured HERE:


Please take a moment to say a big thank you to today’s sponsor on their Facebook page: and let them know Tracy Weinzapfel sent you!  Also check out their shop and social media links.  Their film products are SO versatile and you’ll be amazed at all the different applications.



Don’t forget there will be giveaways EVERY WEEK during my birthday month so make sure you come back soon!  All winner’s will be awarded the first week of June!

29 thoughts on “Birthday Month Giveaway #3 – Grafix

  1. I had no idea that grafixart film products can be use for different applications on your mixed media projects. Have to give it a try.

  2. Awesome projects! I love your colors on these! I don’t have Instagram, so leaving my comment here! So generous of Grafix to share this awesome prize to celebrate your birthday month!

  3. Sounds like a very interesting product to try. Always looking for new techniques. Thanks Grafix for donating the Birthday Giveaway. Tina Bos

  4. I am not on Instagram, but I love this package! I have had 3 of the items on a watch list to buy when I am able. This package really opens up the creative aspect and gives a lot more imaginative options! Grafix, you rock!

  5. Grafix sounds like they have some really neat products. I will have to check them out. Thanks for the contest and hope your birthday month sparkles!

  6. Ooooo, oooooo, what an awesome birthday giveaway! Thanks for the chance to won this awesome prize!

  7. Happy Birthday to you, so fun to celebrate all month. I am very curious about these products and would love an opportunity to play with them. Thank you

  8. Thanks, Tracy and Grafix for a chance to win these products. I love Grafix and did not know they had all these varied products – wow! Your flower is gorgeous, Tracy 🙂

  9. I too am not on Instagram. It would be awesome to try these products out. Thank you Grafix! And Tracy for having birthday giveaways. : )

  10. I am happy we can leave a comment. I just haven’t done.
    Instragram. Love the birthday pictures too! I would say you had a smashing celebration. This are wonderful giveaways.

  11. I am not on instagram, but I think this would be a fantastic prize.
    p.s. It is my birthday month too

  12. I’ve never tried any of these products but they sounds pretty cool. Unfortunately I am not on Instagram. I’m still in the 20th century.

  13. I’m not on Instagram so I’ll post here.
    Happy Birthday – what fun to celebrate all month long.
    The tiger lily is beautiful.
    The skull is pretty scary.
    thanks for sharing.

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