Boho Mama Lotus Mixed Media Art Tutorial

I am demonstrating how to create a pretty abstract mixed media piece with a lotus flower using acrylic paints, stamps, and more! This one is out of my normal wheelhouse and a little adventurous. I am showing you how to add a crackle background to your art journal piece. This is a simple and fun art project – perfect for beginners!

mixed media art tutorial with lotus flower

First, we need to prep and prime our surface. Add painter’s tape to the edges of your art journal page, and then apply a layer of white gesso on onto it.

I am using a chalky finish paint called Relic, which is a dark color. Dry with a heat gun. Then, I’m going to add a layer of DecoArt Weathered Wood over top to create a crackle effect. Let this dry on its own. Then, add a coat of white acrylic paint over top, and watch it crackle! You only want to paint in one direction.

crackle effect on art journal page

I’m going to take cream-colored paint and add that to the middle of my page. Then, I’m going to take a turquoise paint for my outer edges to add some color. 

painting a background in an art journal

Then, I am taking a round brush with some white gesso and painting a lotus flower. Then, I am painting it with Quinacridone Magenta, Primary Magenta, and white. Let dry or dry with a heat gun. I’ll also take some Diarylide Yellow and add some strokes to my background. 

painting a lotus flower

Take a liner brush and some black acrylic paint and add some outlining and details to your flower. I’ll also paint on a stem and some extra flowers in the background.

Next, I am grabbing my Totally Tracy textures stamps and will add some circle stamps with some texture in the middle of each.

adding stamps to mixed media art piece

I’m darkening my page edges with some more of the turquoise paint and then I’m going to add some black splatters on my page too. Take your fan brush and some black paint mixed with water, and tap that against another brush right over your page. I’ll also add some extra white paint lines in my flower and stamps. 

Finally, I’m adding a circle stamp in my top left corner and adding some black paint running down from it. Mist it with water to make it have that dripping effect. Dry with a heat gun and then remove your painter’s tape.

mixed media flower art piece

Watch the replay below!

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6 thoughts on “Boho Mama Lotus Mixed Media Art Tutorial

  1. Awesome creation! When I get home from AZ I can start this! Vacation is great, but I miss my paints! A few watercolor postcards has been my therapy here.

  2. Beautiful. Mixed media is my favorite because we get to do more than one technique and we can be creative, abstract, doesn’t matter and it’s fun to do with out. Any expectations in mind of the outcome.

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