CHA Winter 2012 – Day One (Setup)

First day of CHA posting from my IPhone and see if this works…long, long day but worth it!

Leaving the kiddos is always hard and Mommy's boy Jojo was taking it hard so leaving was tough for me. Thank heavens the best Mom (mine) is home taking my place. So thankful!

We got the booth set up for the most part and it looks great. Those months of list making paid off! My dad joined us for the set-up which made things move along faster. It is always nice to have an extra set of hands let alone my dad!

He left and Shelly joined us to help at the Crafter's Home Vendor Fair from 6-9:30! Made for a long day but saw several of our vendors and took lots of orders! We were dead on our feet by 10 pm but starving! Shelly and I hit Outback for a very late dinner and punchy laughing!

All in all a great day which is all I could ask for! You never know with setup at these convention centers but thankfully everything got in and where it needed to be.

The best was when my dad drove away he stopped the car and said "Do you have enough money?" I am 41 and he still asks me that. Very thankful for my awesome parents for helping out. Like I said, without them this would not be possible.

So Day 2 of setup is here and I am excited to see my designers! They bring lots of excitement and their art. I lay here on bed with anxiety and look forward to what the day brings!

I have never posted from my iPhone so here goes nothing! Great way to share the Show!


CHA Winter 2011

CHA Winter 2011

CHA Winter 2011

CHA Winter 2011

CHA Winter 2011

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